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Multicast enabled or not ?

Hello,   We have a WLC 5520 with 3802E/I APs in flexconnect (local switching). The Global Multicast is not enabled.   In the General tab the multicast is on multicast/multicast mode with 239.x.x.x group   Is this multicast mode is enabled even if th...

Clem58 by Participant
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Resolved! Cisco Aironet 1815i CAPWAP to ME

Hello all: I've converted a couple of these things in the past with no issue but when I go to convert this 1815i over from CAPWAP to Mobility Express using this line: ap-type mobility express tftp://x.x.x.x/air-ap1815-k9-me-8-6-101-0.tar I get an er...

ChadL by Beginner
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Aruba/Dell WAPs affected by Meraki

We have been rolling out Aruba and then Dell branded Aruba for years now. Then HP bought Aruba, Dell has no forward path, and HP has no migration path for Dell WAPs. So in comes Meraki.   We have seen now in two different locations where Meraki very ...

Restore Config, from Cisco Prime to WLC 2504

Good afternoon friends:I have the following:A WLC 2504, and a Cisco Prime version 3.1Through the Cisco Prime I get backup of the different devices, including the WLC 2504. When my WLC 2504 died, I made my RMA; I already have the new WLC, but my quest...

flielguera by Beginner
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Random Disconnects from Wifi Network

Cisco 5508 WLC (Version 8.2.170) Cisco AIR-AP2802I-E-K9 Access Points   Seeing random disconnects and in ability to connect to WIFI network.   Following is an example of the errors being seen on the controller; *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_0: Aug 30 13:30:51.08...

ritchgaz by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! 2802i and SG350 PoE Question

Hello WLAN experts,   recently we connected several 2802 WLAN APs  to a small Cisco Office Switch for testing PoE. The small Cisco SG350 is offering 62 Watt PoE in total supporting 802.3af/at acc. to datasheet. The datasheet for a 2802 WLAN AP  state...

Connect CIsco AP with wired IT equipment using cisco wireless router ,using bridging

hi all,   I have converted my entire warehouse in wifi zone using Cisco AP. Now I want to connect a 2 nos IT device installed on the crane, I am able to power it but unable to give lan. so i want to use bridging concept here. want to install a Cisco ...

WLC2504 configuration w/o Proxy-Server

Hi Experts,   Regarding the WLC 2504 I have a doubt, which has arisen when my customer was doing the provisioning of it.   When there is Direct Internet access through proxy, a PreAuth ACL (and a PostAuth) ACL are created, this ACL controls the acces...

juaorteg by Beginner
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Resolved! Flexconnect AP's not showing up in Prime 2.2.0

We have an issue with Flexconnect AP's not showing up in Prime. We have an AIR-CT8510-K9 controller running code and are using AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9 AP's. They are working as they should be but we can't see them in Prime.  This model of AP is c...

GW21 by Beginner
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webauth bundle (where?)

I have a WLC 4402 ver 4.2. I'm working on getting guest wireless working with web authentication. The documentation speaks of downloadable webauth bundles. What are they and where do I get them? I imagine them as being a skin of sorts to modify the i...

hypnotoad by Participant
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