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Hey there,I have been fighting (what I think is) a rewrite issue.  I cannot get connectivity between two l2transport interfaces in the same bridge-domain.  I've tried all kinds of rewrites and can't sort it.  I did verify that it works to each side i...

Hi there, I have two questions about licensing ASR9k, if someone can shed some light here on this matter. 1. When ordering ASR9k, is SIA software license a MUST for either FCM or Traditional model?1.1. If not, does the ASR9k get all the features of "...

raid_t by Beginner
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 Hi, I need help to validate the total number of BNG subscribers (PPPoE) supported in a ASR-9010 chassis. In this network scenario, we have one ASR-9010 with the following configuration: 1x A9K-RSP-440-SE1x A9K-MOD-160-SE2x A9K-MPA-8x10GE NOTE: We w...

Running IOS XR 6.4.2, received this cryptic message in my logs today from both RSP's:RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:Sep 10 14:01:16.082 EDT: cepki[162]: %SECURITY-PKI-6-ERR_1_PARAM : CA certificate to be expired in 480 days RP/0/RSP1/CPU0:Sep 10 14:11:34.982 EDT: ...

wj343 by Beginner
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Hi,one of the RP in our router is not coming up, the display on the front displays "operative" but, the status from the "show platform command is "SW_INACTIVE" occasionally the router will display this erorr message: 0/RSP0/ADMIN0:2021 Sep 13 15:35:0...

ThomasD86 by Beginner
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Hi friends ,  What is the necessity of retain route-target all command on BGP RR? (IOS XR) When I tried with and without this did not notice any difference in sh bgp vpn4 unicast table . Thanks in advance.

Hi,  I need to track the status of a subinterface that only has ipv6 enabled on it. The problem I see is that when tracking the line-protocol state, the tracking feature seems to be following the ipv4 status. #show track BE101Fri Aug 20 09:20:21.902 ...