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I've read a few other Cisco Support documents on enabling QoS shaping on Sub-Interfaces but I'm running into an issue that is perplexing me.  Here is a summary of what we're trying to do: We have a 10GE physical interface on an ASR-9010 connected to...

Dear,we running cluster of Cisco ASR9001 on IOS XR 6.1.4, and suddenly rack1 crash down and reboot with led 'LC fail' on you can see below the output of show platform command:Node                        Type                                    State  ...

Hi All, I have tried to update the below sysadmin's SMU on ASR9K, but got the below error when "install add", is there any other method to install those sysadmin's SMU? RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(admin)#install add harddisk:asr9k-sysadmin-6.5.3.CSCvp03483.ta...

joe9010 by Beginner
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Hi, I have a problem whith my linecard that stay in-reset mode. ASR9K Route Switch Processor with 440G/slot Fabric and 12GB  Version 5.3.4 RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios#sh plat sum loc 0/1/CPU0Tue May 22 19:40:02.189 UTC-----------------------------------------...

Hi allI see that the following LC are an option for the ICL with the host A9KThe Cisco ASR 9000v satellite shelf has 44 gigabit ethernet SFP ports and four 10 gigabit ethernet SFP+ ports which can be connected to the following line cards that support...

lbarnur by Beginner
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 So I have attempted the below config:  l2vpn pw-class test encapsulation mpls redundancy initial-delay 120 ! ! backup disable never ! xconnect group Xconns p2p test interface GigabitEthernet0/1/0/10 ...

vkoul by Beginner
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Hello everyone    Please suggest me about logging and how can I fix it.I boot ASR9001 version 6.1.4 (I stock this unit about 1 year in cargo before install in customer site and first time turn on). During booting I see logging as below and I see at L...

Anycast by Beginner
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