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I am trying to generate BGP EVPN type 5 routes from IOSXR platform, ASR9K or NCS, in order to implement DCI. However, I got the below error.IOSXR version: Cisco IOS XR Software, Version 7.0.1router bgp 1neighbor l2vpn evpnad...

Hi Community, Can you advise if upgrade process of ASR9006 from 5.x to 6.x is any different to the upgrade of 9001? I'm wondering especially regarding the dual RP in 9006. Is there any official pdf from Cisco for dual RP? Thanks.

mrkasuj by Level 1
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Dear All, I was upgrading from 6.1.4 to 6.6.3 but i cannot activate disk0:asr9k-k9sec-px-6.6.3 because of the errors below.Hope you can help me with this issue. Thank you. RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:router(admin)#install activate disk0:asr9k-k9sec-px-$Fri Apr 3 ...

jingp by Level 1
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Hello, can anyone confirm this strange behavior @ SNMP.The spikes are only in SNMP on all interfaces at the same time. No spikes if i monitor the interface on the Router. SNMP collected with telegraf>influxdb>grafana but the same problem if i use oth...

manuels11 by Level 1
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Hi everyone,  Is there any way to control the packet loss measurement for SLM/Y1731 on ASR9k? For example, I have created a probe to send 60 packets every second, but it happens I lose one packet, therefore the packet loss would be 1/60=1.67%, which ...

Mery by Level 1
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Dear Experts,   I have a question about load-sharing in OSPF 。 There are two equal-cost routes in the routing tale, in my idea, the forwarding behavior should be load-sharing. however, the traffic is forwarding on one uplink.   Below is "show" info: ...

I know in IOS XRv L2VPN only supports control plane but not the data plane. I just want to get clarification, why l2vpn not supported on IOS XRv and why the relase note of IOS XRv 6.2.25 does not gave any information about L2VPN (https://www.cisco.co...