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Resolved! RSP880 SFP+ ports

Hello, I am trying to find out, what are 4 SFP+ ports on RSP880. Can they be used for traffic. Do they have any limitations? If router is equipped with 2 RSPs, may both RSPs use their SFP+ ports or only the active RSP? I found this information in AS...

DanilZhig by Beginner
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Dear all,   I am looking at a scenario where I receive frames triple tagged. Wholesaler S-Tag and C-Tag, then our own Service TAG. To terminate traffic on a a BNG configured node, I am rewriting top 2 tags to 1 tag on a POI, then layer 2 handoff to a...

smeftahi by Beginner
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Hi everyone,    I know that mixing -SE and -TR line cards is supported in ASR 9000 chassis.Question is what is happening with operational mode of whole system when RSP880-SE is combined with mixture of -TR l -SE line cards, and in case of RSP880-TR a...

IK4 by Beginner
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