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Gabriela Godoi do Prado
Community Manager
Community Manager



Welcoming our VIP Class of 2024: Celebrating 59 Outstanding Individuals!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our VIP program for the year 2024, featuring an extraordinary cohort of 59 outstanding individuals! Among this esteemed group, we're excited to welcome 11  new members who are joining this prestigious program for the very first time.

The VIP class of 2024 represents a diverse array of talents, backgrounds, and expertise, all contributing to the vibrant community that our VIP program embodies. Each member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and a passion for excellence, promising an enriching and collaborative environment for everyone involved.

Furthermore, we're immensely proud to introduce two new Hall of Famers, whose exceptional dedication and remarkable achievements have earned them this prestigious recognition. Their contributions serve as an inspiration to the entire community, setting a high standard of excellence for others to follow.



As we commence this new chapter with our VIP class of 2024, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the members, both returning and new, for their remarkable accomplishments. Together, we look forward to fostering a year of growth and learning.

Let's embark on this journey together, creating memorable experiences and shaping a future full of success and impact. Once again, congratulations to our esteemed VIP class of 2024!

-  Cisco Community Team

Cisco Community VIPs

This distinction is only given to a select group of Cisco customers, partners and guest community members, based on many factors in the  program. We are deeply grateful of the extensive community involvement of these highly respected technology experts. You can view their profiles and “follow” their posts to grow your knowledge.

Network Access Control
Routing and Switching, General, French
Network Access Control
Network Access Control. Network Security
Network Access Control, Wireless
Routing and Switching, General, French
Contact Center
Collaboration, Telepresence
and Video Infrastructure
Networking, Chinese
Wireless, Switching, Chinese
Unified Computing System, Data Center and Cloud
Wireless, Spanish
Contact Center
Routing, Switching, Network Management
Networking Security, Switching, Routing
Network Acess Control, Email Security
SD-WAN and Cloud Networking
Unified Communications,
Contact Center, Networking
Networking, Wireless
Switching, Security, Japanese
Giuseppe LarosaGabrielaGodoidoPrado_2-1704819001949.jpg
Routing, Switching
Hare Ram Balaji Bandi GabrielaGodoidoPrado_0-1704817528713.jpeg
Networking, R outing, Security
Small Business, Networking
Webex, IP Telephony
Routing, Switching
Routing & Switching, Security, Spanish
Network Security, VPN
Security, Portuguese 
Network Security, Networking
SD-WAN and Cloud Networking
Email Security, Web Security

Leo Laohoo GabrielaGodoidoPrado_1-1704822629731.jpeg

Switching, Routing, Wireless
Wireless, Switching, Networking Management
Networking, Wireless, Switching
Network Security, Portuguese
IP Telephony, Unified Communications
Network Security

Marvin RhoadsGabrielaGodoidoPrado_0-1704822580455.jpg

Network Security, VPN
Collaboration, IP Telephony
Routing, Switching
Wireless, Switching
Collaboration, Security,
Richard Burts GabrielaGodoidoPrado_3-1704822934294.jpeg
Routing, Switching
Network Security, VPN
Unified Communications, IP Telephony
Scott Fella GabrielaGodoidoPrado_3-1704822934294.jpeg
VPN, Network Security
Tomy Tim Arquinigo
Networking, Data Center, Portuguese



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