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Error code:  CJ:1000:1005 Severity: ErrorError Description: The services can not be searched automatically. Click Advanced Settings to search manually. Jabber is working normally but this error occurs every few hours.Someone an Idea?   Thanks for Hel...

MPK IT by Level 1
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hello. I have a 11.5 su 3 cluster with EXP-C and EXP-E. when I logged in to jabber MRA with Active Directory user I have issue to search LDAP contacts(The MRA cant find them). But if I logged in with cucm local user the MRA can find LDAP contacts. In...

netanelda by Level 1
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We have laptops that due to Intel's architecture will have a delay in establishing a network connection -- even after the user has logged into his computer. Therefore, Jabber will auto-start and not be able to connect, however, because it using a sav...

RITR by Level 1
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So what i am trying to achieve with the script is few counters for health checks of UC devices.   To do so i am using paramiko lib with python to issue cli commands  over ssh and return the output. This scripts works perfectly fine with commands that...

zerocool443 by Cisco Employee
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Hi all.   I would like to know if I could install Nuance into a BE6000H appliance. My question regards to, I see that BE6K appliance comes with this VMware licence: VMW-VS6-HYPPLS-K9 and in the Nuance installation guide i see that it needs at least f...