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Is there a way to setup Jabber to automatically log in using Windows Credential. We are using Jabber 11.6 and LDAP sync works on our CISCO system. Users are able to log in with windows credentials but I need to setup Jabber to start and log in automa...

Dear, I have CUCM8.6 and CUP8.6 and CUC8.6 and jabber for windows as client. I want to know if SSO for jabber for windows is supported in that version of CUCM and CUP? if supported where is the document? and if not supported in which version of CUCM ...

Dear Cisco Team, I have a two questions regarding Jabber: 1.What is the difference between Jabber guest and Jabber for everyone? 2.How can i pull out a report where i can see which VONE C customers uses which versions of jabber? through which syste...

I'm in the process of deploying Jabber within our organization. Our users will be using the client for voice calls in the office and while working remotely from home. I understand that there is a GPO I could deploy via Active Directory that would pro...

ljohnson7 by Level 1
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Resolved! Chat screen blank

Hi, I am facing one of a kind issue on Jabber 11.0. When i chat with another user, nothing that i write and enter shows on my chat screen, however gets well delivered to the other user. Now when he replies back and the popup comes in, i can see the ...

skenu0001 by Level 1
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