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hi, I am trying to establish ESI between Swicth5 and leaf swicthes, NXOS2 and NXOS3, but for some reason, it fails on swicth 5. It comes up for a minute and then goes down citing "channel-misconfig (STP) error detected on Po10".  Code on NXOS: nxos.9...


Our scenario involves two ISPs, each providing us with a fiber drop. Additionally, we have two Nexus 93180yc-ex switches. We need to configure the network to enable routing without a single point of failure. This means that if one switch fails, the o...

nexus9k by Level 1
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Hello,  we are doing macsec betwwen two Nexus 7700 switches and get an error message when applying the command "sh cts internal event-history errors": 593) Event:E_DEBUG, length:155, at 355756 usecs after Tue May 9 08:28:09 2023[105] Failed to update...

maraz by Level 1
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Hey guys,I wnated to know what is teh difference between:QSFP-40G-SR-BD  vs QSFP-40G-SR4can they be used interchangeably? Which one should I order if they have the same purpose?Also I wanted to clarify what CVR 10GE SFP used for?

S891 by Level 2
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There was an attempt to DH a pair of N2K-2348 FEXs, but it was eventually decided to just ST them. With FEX 101 hooked to the 1st Nexus 9300 and FEX 102 hooked to a second Nexus 9300. However if the command "show fex" is run on 1st Nexus 9300. It dis...

Hi ,I have distributed anycast gateway for all vlan .Firewall , all inter-subnet traffic must go through a firewall .Since anycast gateway has configured all  inter-subnet traffic  will not go to firewall .What is the solution for this Below is the s...

cln dc vxlan.jpg

I have a question about DCNM (in this case 11.4.1) with a vxlan switch fabric. If there were configuration changes deployed directly on the switch for endpoint devices and DCNM will get out of sync, with also interfaces which were before in a VPC / c...

Ameulen01 by Level 1
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