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Resolved! Call Transfer Gateway

Hello Experts,A caller calls into our organization. A menu offers 2 options:1) When the caller choose option 1, the call is sent to a number outside of our organization2) Talk to an agent The incoming call takes a DS0 of our PRI and reaches the menu ...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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SIP numbers for Door Entry Solution

Hello Experts, We are installing Door entry system in our remote office and in that office we are using Voice gateway for telephony. In HQ side we have call manager and SBCs. Now I got the request from remote office that they need SIP numbers . I don...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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BLF Status Depicts DND

When a line (DN) appears on multiple phones, how does CUCM determine when DND status is shown on other phones that have a BLF for that line? The service parameter "BLF Status Depicts DND" is set to TRUE. We have several users with multiple phones (du...

Jabber To Jabber MOH

Hello Experts,Having hard time to have MOH working btw two internal Jabbers. The MOH works from Jabber to anything except internal Jabber to Jabber. Has anyone have any idea why this is not working? CUCM version: 11.5Jabber version: Buil...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Need help converting a 2911 from Gateway + Phone service to just Phone

Hello, I'm currently tasked with upgrading some of our components at work. Our current network is: WAN->Dell Sonicwall-> in gig0/2 Cisco 2911 out gig0/0-> 2x Cisco 2960 switches. We have the 2911s' at our other locations semi-retired and only servici...

cacmarkw by Beginner
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Resolved! Call getting redirected

Hi, I encountered weird issue in call manager environment.When I call the number 3962, the call is redirected to extension 3943. There is no forwarding set on the line. I used dialled number analyzer but it is showing that calls goes to 3962.There is...

ziqex by Enthusiast
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