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We're running a 4351 with a E160 blade with CUCM 11.5. I've noticed that phones on the voice vlan can't talk to the UCM. Should CUCM be able to work on the same VLAN as the phones? The phones can talk to the router. CUCM can talk to the router. But C...

MVK by Beginner
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I'm interested in building a CUCM lab.  I know there are a bunch of threads on this, but need some guidance.  I have vmware workstation and I know the OVA's can be installed on it, but that's the first question.  I don't have the ability to get the s...

Resolved! CUCME on ISR

Hi there,for purchasing a ISR4431-V/K9 solution for 100 users (IP Phones) to work as a CME, by default this device comes with CUBE-25 (SIP-SIP) license.Q1: Is it needed to add FL-CUBEE sessions for as many users as you have? I.e. in the case for 100 ...

raid_t by Beginner
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hello Every onei need to make some of my cisco ip phones register through the VPN connectioni have question the requirement for registration through the VPN the Cluster must be in mixed mode? and thir is another requiremnet for vpn connection?

hi everyone, pls i need help i cant call remote branch sip ip phone on cme from local sccp ip phone on cme using the same dn 307 with proper translation rule in place while an ip phone running  sccp with the same dn 105 local can call remote branch i...

dapsyn061 by Beginner
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Hi,   I have 2 sets of phones, 7821 & 7861. They are both registered at the same site. The 7821 phones work fine, but I have voice quality issues on external and incoming calls on 7861 phones. Callers complain of receivers voice sounding robot-like. ...

D@1984 by Beginner
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Hi everybody, I have inherited a Cisco IP phone system and whilst I have picked up some basics, I am stuck with one particular problem. We cannot VNC into computers that are connected through the Cisco IP Phones. Here is what I know:We are running Ci...

iSub by Beginner
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Resolved! BOT and TCT calls

We have a cluster with cucm 8.6. When the call is made or answered from jabber for android or iphone, its getting disconnected. Its working fine with CSF profile.when we connect the CSF profile with the same wireless network its working fine.please s...