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I have successfully configured a ATA 192 to auto dial on pick up.  It's being used for a shipping security gate with a Vicing intercom.   The issue I am running into is when the call is answered and the other end hangs up the ATA remains on switch ho...

Is the "Mark as Spam" feature  available on the 7800 series sets? Can't fins any information on this topic. It isn't listed in any release notes. Is there any information about when/if this will be available on the 7800 series sets?Thanks

schillerj by Level 1
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Has anyone else had this problem.  I recently put in an ATA, running 11-2-3MPP0001-028 Oct 24 2022 (So its the approved Zoom Firmware version).  It was entered as a bug in May 2021, but seems to still be alive in kicking.  Anyone else found away arou...

rickelder by Level 1
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