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Hi Have a problem with LMS 4.0.1 and DFM. In DFM no of the devices leaves the questioned state. Trying to rediscover them starts a process that ends after 20% completion every time. I've put on some debuging, but that does not enable more error messa...

eosborg by Level 1
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Hi,After inserting a RSP720-3C-10GE in module 6 and runing the show module command display the following :Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.--- ----- -------------------------------------- -----------------...

paul.rami by Level 1
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Hello,i have some questions regarding Identity Monitoring in Cisco LMS 4We have a bunch of Catalyst 3560 managed by LMS but only one shows up in the readiness assessment as Radius capable device. What is preventing the other switches for beeing ready...

Preliminary question:     For LMS 3.2 on Windows, which is better 2003 or 2008?  Primary issue:     Background:  new install of LMS 3.2 on Windows 2008 sp2 Virtual Machine.           Upgraded Campus to 5.2.1          Upgraded RME to 4.3.1          wh...

Hello,i'am having some issues with Compliance Templates. I'd like to check if there is a username privilege 15 password cisco123 in the config.My problem is that in the config is the password scrambled. So i would like to to check if there is a usern...

Resolved! ip sla http get

When ip sla w/ http get is configured on a router, does it retrieve the actual payload such as images?We're about to start evaluating WAN optimization products from a few vendors, and plan on using ip sla to see if performance improves.If ip sla w/ h...

huangedmc by Level 3
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Hi All,When i run the easy pcap script after i get through the questions it gives me the error below:'list must have an even number of elements'Debug output below: UM1352#tclsh easy-installer-signed-1.5.tcl --debug

I'm running LMS 4.0 as an evaluation and I'm only discovering 86 devices, using the auto discovery. I've added a seed and although it sees lots of neighbours on that seed it only goes on to discover devices off a particular range. All the devices are...