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Hello,Is it CUCM 6.0 and RightFAX 9.0 can be discovered in LMS 3.1. they will discovered as a end host or a device in CS.And also ASA 5520 with AIP module can be discovered in LMS 3.1Thanks.

Getting the following error in Cmapps.log when trying to run a UT report:ERROR TP-Processor12 <init>  - Exception in OGSHelper() ^ URN_NOT_FOUND : urn "ogs_...

we currently using host file for name resolution for LMS server and we will going to DNS, and I am curious if DNS fast enough to do for LMS to amange 4k devices, specially on device discovery, or CM. also on DNS search prifx our sub domain is the 3rd...

Hi Everyone,I have a stange problem with vty connection on a 3750.The maximum user at the same time is 2.I have anither 3750 with exactly the same config and do not have this is the config.line vty 0 4 access-class 1 in exec-timeout 2880...

I tried to setup an Iframe portlet to view the WCS status page. But all it shows is the login page of WCS, because it goes full screen after saving the portlet settings.I configured all the hidden variables I saw. So what did I do wrong? Any idea…run...

robertamg by Beginner
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Hi ,I have LMS 3.2 and license for adding 5000 devices , my data collection is running continously for the past 2 days, when i try to stop the daemon manager and restart it comes to idle state but after some time it again goes to Running stateI am no...

sumee by Beginner
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Hi,I have a Ciscoworks server running LMS 2.6 Version. I am facing problem with the Ciscoworks Backup.There is a schedule backup running everyday and at the end it is failing.When i checked the dbbackup.log file it is observed that backup failed with...

lalit by Beginner
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