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Test Switch

Good day all, I'm perplexed by an issue I am having. So I am setting up and Cisco ISE solution on my network. The thought was '"hey let me use a test switch to be sure things will jive before production". So I set up a 3850 and setup a trunk port to ...

Activate Licence

Hi, I'm trying to enter a Security Plus licence activation key on an ASA and am getting the below error: Validating activation key. This may take a few minutes...not supported yet.ERROR: The requested activation key was not saved because it is notval...

Resolved! Cisco C9410R - Is Uplink 40Gb or 80Gb?

We have a Catalyst 9410R with 2 Supervisor 1 XL Modules. We will be using 4 10Gb ports from each Supervisor to uplink to Nexus core switches. My question is, do we have an 80Gb uplink or only a 40Gb uplink because 1 of the Supervisor's is on Standby?

smith2487 by Beginner
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Cisco Prime 3.5 Severity Level

Hi, In PI, I don't want to receive alarm such as  "Port 'GigabitEthernet2/0/14' (Description: ' ## To-bureau YasserElhafsi ##') is down on device ''. " !So I set "logging trap 3" in the catalyst switch but it stills shown in alarm's windo...

Resolved! tacacs Authorization and Privileges via WebUI

When logging into the WebUI using tacacs+ authentication for a c9300 switch version 17.3.04 - I don't get any of the configuration links.  Only the Dashboard and Monitoring.I want to be able to give my tech-support team the ability to login to the sw...

Rich_U by Beginner
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Resolved! Some questions about ACLs

Hi community, I am facing some problems understanding some aspects of ACLs. Question 1Our infrastructure is routed via SVIs on a layer 3 switch. I have already configured an ACL to prevent users from using telnet & ssh. Extended IP access list DENY_T...

MH311x by Beginner
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dear alli have ZBF configured and running but i want it also to block websites like : how can i do that ?i tried to add it but it only accepts ip address not url. Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.06.01asecurityk9 se...