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I'm trying to get my network to take DHCP but I keep getting the message DHCP failed APIPA is being used. I'm at a loss for what I need to do. I'm linking the Packet Tracer assignment if anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. I'm not sure how...

ryanj88 by Level 1
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Hey Cisco community,I found some issues in the current CISCO-LWAPP-AP-MIB. I downloaded the newest one from and even there the errors exist. So I will just post them here so it will maybe reach the relevant developer / en...

Hello everyone, I am trying to get the SysObjectID of the CIsco VG410-24FXS Analogue voice gateway device, but I could not find it anywhere.Could someone let me know this information? Many thanks in advance for your kind support.   Gian Andrea Zanghe...

I need to configure QoS to prioritize Teams traffic. Is this config doing what I need to dopolicy-map PM_MS_TEAMS_OUTclass CM_MS_TEAMS_AUDIOpriority level 1police rate percent 10class CM_MS_TEAMS_VIDEOpriority level 2police rate percent 20class CM_MS...

ergamusai by Level 1
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Currently we have 2 Cisco ISE (3615s) that are configured in a failover configuration:Current version is, I get the following message: ISE license expired. "Base license has expired for more then 45 days, you now have very limited access"We o...

DSterling by Level 1
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