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HelloWe need to change the IPs of our switches and their management VLANs. I wanted to know if there is any impact on the traffic running through the switch while doing so. We have a couple of stacks and I wanted to see what the best approach would b...

GONO by Beginner
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Hi there,I have a customer running Catalyst WS-C2960+24TC-L with IOS Release 15.0(2)SE5. He would like to run SNMP v3 with following:snmp-server user snmpuser GROUP-RO v3 auth sha-256 xxxxx priv aes 256 yyyyy unfortunately I am not able to find any c...

hhadorn by Beginner
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你好呀,我试图向 Prime Infrastructure (Build ) 添加一个新用户。单击“生成密码”字段时,会出现密码强度滑块,但保持空白。使用 firefox 点击保存按钮根本不起作用,使用 chrome 我收到一条信息消息:“密码强度不能为空。”即使我手动更改密码,“密码强度”滑块也不会填满。这是什么问题?您对如何解决此错误有任何想法吗?谢谢一切顺利最大限度

I am trying to setup radius authentication on my edge switches. I started with a test 3560CX 8 port. The NPS server shows authentication is good. But the switch get an Access-Reject back the the server. Please see debugs and logs.  Switch debug:Apr 2...

jdiveney1 by Beginner
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Hi all I've six C9300L-48P-4X-E with release Cupertino 17.07.01 onboard. I've seen that there is a bug in the release 17.07.01 and in the release 17.08.01. The question is : can I upgrade form 17.07.01 to 17.09.01 directly ? or upgrade from 17.07.01 ...

marzi by Beginner
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Hi all Recently I've configured a two different model of Cisco 9300 family devices: C9300L-24UXG-4X-A with release Bengaluru 17.06.04 C9300L-24P-4X-E with release Cupertino 17.07.01. On both, I've not configured ip domain-name and I've no...

marzi by Beginner
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