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Hi guys,I am actually trying to add a switch to our internet network architeture but i have an issue.Actually SW2 doesn't exist. VLAN 100 is DHCP Internet, given by an entity i don't work with.We use this VLAN 100 to create a securised LAN for intern...


HiI am configuring the netflow on my Nexus:Hardware cisco Nexus9000 C93180YC-FX Chassis Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1528 @ 1.90GHz with 24569704 kB of memory.I am using these commands:flow exporter PRTG-Exporter destination use-vrf KIS-AD...

Moudar by VIP
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Doing a lab. i would like to send the snmp traps to other than 162. I'm not sure if I see anything on my iou image under snmp-server to change outgoing listening port on the other side, for the listener. Is there a way to change this?

hfakoor222 by Spotlight
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I have created an EEM script to failover from 1 connection type to another if the primary connection goes down by changing the tunnel source.However I now have a situation where there are 3 connection types on one router, and I need to use EEM to fai...

alnic123 by Level 1
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Hello,Looking for some help with this topic since I am new to this one.We have 2 FP1120 in HA. The inside interface is 1/8 with 2 sub interfaces. 1/8.100 & 1/8.101The 1/8.100 has a network of 172.16.x.x/24.The Outside Interface is assigned an public ...

am_rajan by Level 1
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Hello everyone, I would like to learn if it is possible to mirror traffic from multiple vlans to an analyzer device that is connected to a remote switch. I made a sketch and changed some IPs and vlans for simplicity. All traffic that arrives on eithe...


I have the following syslog message: IOSXE-3-PLATFORM I have already searched through all the system and error message guides for IOS 17.x.x and 16.12.x but have not found a match. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me where to look, or w...

HaYaDa by Level 1
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Hello everyone , Hope you are all fine ,I'm preparing to going through a big parc renewal Catalyst 3850 will be all changed by 9200 "over 100 devices over many sites with no technical peopole on site ".i've done lot of research about the possibilty t...

Kirollos by Level 1
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