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Resolved! Prime 3.0

Hi,I'm using PI 3.0 since a few hours. Now I try to run eox report, but I'm not able to configure the settings. Exact version is used this link, Administration / Settings / System Setting. I'm looking for compliance enable, but I can't se...

Cisco Prime eMail Alerts

Hi I am new into PrimeHow can I make a custom mail alert when a port goes into blocking state, when there is a MAC flapping between ports, when there is any hardware failure, when there is a configuration change ?For now I only get emails when a devi...

Change password via SNMP

I have Wireless Lan Controller AIR-CT2504 with some APs. When I get any SNMP value from it all is fine:# snmpwalk -v2c -c private wlan-ctl = STRING: "*********"But when I try ...

olddanmer by Beginner
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Need help with product

Good day.Please, im desperate, im trying to get one of this equipment urgently for a client, buy don't know where can I get one. Please see the specifications below. NETWORK SWITCH MANAGEABLE 5 GATES 10/100Mbps 85-264Vac/88-300Vdc RS910-HI-D-S1-FX02-...

aaguilar3 by Beginner
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Resolved! Question about simple script

Here is a sample scriptevent manager applet test event routing network X.X.X.X/X protocol BGP action 1.0 syslog msg "Route $_routing_network $_routing_protocol $_routing_type $_routing_lastinterface" action 2.0 mail server "$_email_server" to "$_emai...

EugeneL by Beginner
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Lose SNMP Settings on AP reboot

Hi All, I have 2x 2500 Series WLCs and 27 APs, at a variety of different models (mainly 2702I's)I have enabled SNMP on the APs so as to monitor using WhatsUpGold, however when an AP goes down e.g. unplugged during testing, and then comes back up it l...