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I changed the temp thresholds from their default value of around 54 to 23 degrees below the RED threshold making the YELLOW threshold 42.  Now when I do this:#sh env stSWITCH: 1FAN is OKTEMPERATURE is OKTemperature Value: 47 Degree CelsiusTemperature...

blmccreary by Level 1
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HelloI am testing a script where I want a conditional registration line based upon the existance of an environment variable. The script below measures txload on one interface, but is supposed to measure txload on a second interface IF the environment...

Hi all,Recently I have replaced 2 4400 WLC by 5508 wlc's.I have also replaced both 4400 in LMS by those new 5508. They have the same ip's, so I have removed the old 4400's from LMS and created 2 new devices.When checking the device center, LMS tells ...

Hello Community,We've been experiencing high utilisation on our interface, to the point where the rx is full saturated, see below:ukxxxx-rm01-xx#show int atM 0/1/0ATM0/1/0 is up, line protocol is up   Hardware is MPC ATMSAR, address is 6073.5cd8.95a6...

Hello folks,A new version of CAA is up, with a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Here’s a glimpse of the new features added recently.1) Delete devicesDevices on your inventory list can now be deleted.Simply select the devices to delete and click t...

Efrat Noy by Cisco Employee
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