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Hi all,I development the script tcl for syncronize the settings two router in mode hsrp. Follow bellowproc gerar_configuracoes {   set confs_nat [ exec "show running-config | include nat" ]  set confs_acl [ exec "show running-config | include access-...

r-barbosa by Beginner
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I am configuring a GSS as a DNS for a financial institution. This is for the intranet purpose. The existing DNS server is integrated with AD. Once the DNS server is replaced with GSS, will the GSS support AD authentication ? If yes, kindly share the ...

Is there anyway to reset all of the databases in LMS 4.2.1 with out reinstalling the whole thing? I'm getting a lot of errors and strange behaviour after reloading the server too many times and I'm thinking I may have corrupted a database.

Hello allI'm new to regex and I'm trying to make a baseline template, that will check our network devices for our required basic configuration.What I'm trying to do is to make a template that will look for either a loopback0 or loopback1 interface.If...

Hi all.Hope i can get some help as i am quite noive in Cisco and still learning.I am tasked with configuring an AP as a repeater.I have reset the AP to defaults and configured it in CLI with the below:configure terminalinterface dot11radio 0ssid JDC-...