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mis-match txload/rxload

These 2 interfaces are point to point.But why the tx and rx load does not match at all?router#sh int s0/1.104Serial0/1.104 is up, line protocol is up   Hardware is PowerQUICC Serial  Description: office  Internet address is  MTU 1500 ...

TFTP Backup

Hi friends,we have the TFTP server, with that iam able to backup the configuration of routers and switches.But with the same TFTP iam able to take backup of other devices. what might be the problem with those switches and routers.even through hyperte...

EEM route monitor not working

I am trying to get an email when our routing table changes, running ospf and I have put the EEM script on a 3750 switch which is our main WAN routing point. Questions: How can I test the script? Check any logs etc?We added some routes today and nothi...

Recommended size for syslog.log

Hey,Could you guess-timate a good size for syslog.log on LMS 4.0.I have 400 devices on my network. My syslog.log file is over 1 gig. I have only had the server running for 6 months.Not sure if 50 Megs is too small.Is there some tool that could view m...

DFM polling algorithm

Hi!I've searched the community for an answer to my question without finding it so here goes..You can set different polling parameters for groups such as:New interval (The number of seconds between each successive poll)New timeout (The number of milli...