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In Exchange, Unity creates a new recipent container in the address book under "Local Recipients" called "Distribution Lists". It is populated with:All Subscribers - UNITY1System Event Messages - UNITY1Unaddressed Messages - UNITY11. Can we rename th...

scmorris by Level 1
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I'm having trouble finding a document that describes how to set up an mgcp gateway to use srst. I know I need 12.2.(11)t. What I don't know is which h323 commands I still need to keep it working during srst. Do the mgcp commands override the h323 ...

I'm installing 3.1(5) on a server with Exchange off-box. I've created an install account in the domain and have run through the install guide step by step to make sure this account has all the rights, permissions, etc. both on the local server and i...

rafische by Level 1
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Every few days I have a dozen callers in teh Example Interview. I have gone through and checked, and I CAN NOT find out how they are getting there. Is there a utility I cna use to look to see what is linked to that and fix it?Thanks -Mike

mperbix by Level 1
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Hello.I have some questions about the IAD2400 series:1) Can it act as a Voice gateway by connecting 16 analog phones (using the 16 ports FXS) to an IP network, running VoIP, using the 10BaseT interface ? In other words - can i run VoIP over the Ether...

b.shoresh by Level 1
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I'm connecting one 1751 on Siemens PBX through ISDN BRI QSIG port.The IOS is 12.2(4)YH and the problem is that the router are trying to establish a conversation in channel 0 instead 1 or 2. Then the PBX refuse the incoming call.Is there any way to co...

eyuki by Level 1
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