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Nexus to L2 6500s

Hoping I can get some clarification on a design. I have a typical pair of 6500s doing L2 only, vPCed upstream to Peered 7Ks where the SVIs are running HSRP. Rapid STP root and HSRP actives are on the primary role switch 1. In the attached drawing, do...

Resolved! Cisco Nexus 5596UP

Hello,I have two questions regarding traffic forwarding on the Cisco Nexus 5596UP platform.1) Does all traffic from the 16 port slots hit the L3 daughter card to be routed, or is the IP routing table copied into CEF on the port ASICs locally?2) Does ...

bunce.jake by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus VDC

Hi All,I've 2 Nexus 7009 with sup-2T,my design is having 2 VDCs in each phisycal Chassis(Core-Agg)can I create a nother isolated VDC on one of the AGGs and Connect it to the Agg VDCs on both Chassis using port-channels, like a separated switch?both t...

Services VDC sandwitch

Hi All, I've 2 Nexus 7009 chassis, configured both into agg and Core each.I would like to Connect a palo Alto Firewall in Transparent mode, I found that the recommended solution is to Configure a sub-agg layer from the AGG(VDC sandwitch).I can't find...

Route Health Injection

Hello We are running a Active / Active DataCenter with Stretched ESX Cluster. If a VM moves from DC 1 to DC 2, what is a possible method of injecting a specific Route for that Particular VM. Since the Application running on the VM, is not behind a Lo...

rahulja by Beginner
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nexus ping drops

Hi,We have a nexus 5k acting as core in one of our sites.Problem:- When a user connects himself to nexus 2k port, the connectivity suddenly drops & ping message are gone with either destination host uncreachable or ping failure messages. This has bee...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Design ideas

I have a pair of 7004 ,(2)5548up, (2)6001 and some 2k , whats the best practice to build a dc jnfrastructure with whats in handNo UCS , Some blade servers will be running esx5.1 in the dc along with some appliances whi h will go to 2KsWhere to use vp...

usasigcis by Beginner
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