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Manipulating routes and paths

Hi all. I hope you are good! I'm trying to figure out how to manipulate all traffic from Branch1 and Branch2 in order to mandatorily pass through IPS device even for communication with each other. The IPS device knows all networkTo abbreviate today ...

ciraompf1 by Beginner
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6509 Qos crypto engine

I have a vpn L2L ipsec over GRE, I applied a qos policy map over a Flexwan port but I do not see any match, all traffic match the default classThe flexwan port is configured with a crypto vlan,

Resolved! IPv4 forwarding

In what order does an IPv4 router execute the following processes when it receives a packet (the others-- checking the IP version, QoS flags, optional fields are not relevant to this Q): (A) looks up the destination address and acts accordingly (if i...

dvlp19001 by Beginner
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BGP Static Routes - HSRP/VRRP/FHRP as Next-hop

Using static routes to control eBGP peering, a R1 has 2 neighbors (R2 and R3). R2 and R3 have VRRP enabled and share a VIP. R1 has static routes for loopbacks on R2 and R3, with the VIP as the next-hop. Is this best practice? What is potential downfa...

heavy3122 by Beginner
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BGP timers

Hello,  I believe this discussion is not new, i tried to follow documentation and other posts but still i have some doubts, this is our scenario: 2 x Cisco 7210 routers. Each of this routers are connected to separate carriers. Let's call this router...

nsantos77 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP and Cat3850 problem

have a Cat3850 running Ver 03.03.03SE IP Services. configured BGP to per with one of the Internet providers and the pering is working as expected except that we want to send out two sets of routes with the second set having a higher AS path.  I ha...

Expand Vlan from l3 to l2 managable switch

I have created 1 VLAN at Cisco SG 3850 at fiber port g1/1/1 with IP range and attached one network switch other end on user dept SG 300. all users IP address will be on same range of vlan. now same dept. having requirements to install...

Resolved! Terminating WAN links on Cisco 6509

Hi We have 2 WAN links of 1Gbps each, can I terminate them on a C6509 with sup720 card in it. I doubt it because I don't think 6509 will provide me with required throughput in my case. Regards, Bhushit

bhushit17 by Beginner
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cant ping the cloud

Building configuration... Current configuration : 1073 bytes!version 12.2no service timestamps log datetime msecno service timestamps debug datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname MALCOLM!!!enable password cisco!!!!!!username swizzy priv...

Load Balancing On Edge...

Dear Friends, I am connected to 2 ISPs with 2 different ADSL links attached to my network and I'm trying to create a weighted load balancing on these two links using a cisco router (2811), till now I found nothing useful as all the load balancing tec...

shahab.66 by Beginner
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Resolved! Front-VRF and NAT

Hello, everyone. At my router I have 2 ISP connections (Internet). And I'm trying to connect this router by 2 DmVPN clouds to my central Hub. Because I want them 2 works at the some time I put 1 of the interfaces (backup ISP) to the front-VRF (becau...

AllertGen by Participant
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