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Hello!I've been studying about BGP Filtering and I've learned about the option to filter prefixes based off the autonomous systems found in the AS Path field. However, I didn't manage to find a real-world use of this AS Path Filtering so far. Could s...

Mitrixsen by Level 1
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Hi all,I have attached network topology for the Multicast routing. In this task, we have to subscribe Server 1 & 2 to Multicast A and Multicast B groups feeds.But Both server 1 and 2 are only receiving Multicast B feed only. I want to know why both s...

Cisconew by Level 1
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Just installed a new C8300 Edge Router, running IOS-XE 17.6.1a.  I understand that IOS-XE doesn't have NVI capabilities for NAT Hairpinning.  I've gone through a number of similar NAT hairpinning posts and am just having trouble connecting the dots i...

jjhupka by Level 1
  • 14 replies
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We have faced routing issue with bgp  We can see vrf routes which learns from ebgp peer Routes installed in vrf routing table but ping is fail. between ebgp peers  runs ISIS as IGP Between ebgp peers have one node and it is runs as transit role. in t...

photo_5274073295660108832_y.jpg Screenshot 2023-07-08 162346.png

Hello,I have two routers directly connected. I want to use eigrp to redistribute the static routes present on R2 to R1.On R2 ( I have a default route that points to R1 ( :ip route 192168.1.1On R1 I also r...

sebastien3 by Level 4
  • 42 replies
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I am trying to configure a C9300. I have the vlan100 configure with a default gateway which I can ping. However on a PC I connect to the switch, it shows connection limited. When i do ''show ip redirects'' is show the following message.''ICMP CACHE I...

dattsNet07 by Level 1
  • 17 replies
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Hello Cisco Community,I have a Cisco Router 4331 with an 8-port switch module. My currently ISP is starlink and receiving IP by DHCP. I want to connect my home router that is currently providing all my wifi. I want to run it through this router inste...

I (  have to connect to my partner office ( on an MPLS connection. The connection is established and ping is ok. Now My partner asks me that (Your Source/Natted/Tunnel IP address will be /32 (Route Base VPN)). ...

lakhwaraa by Level 1
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