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Hello guys, looking for some advice for manipulating inbound trafficCurrently my network have 2 different ISP with 3 different AStopology :The goal is all traffic is going through AS 4761 and 17922 since it has higher bandwidth while AS 141125 only s...


Hello I have a 3560 switch with ip routing enabled.On VLAN 1 network is with ip at and there's a WAN gateway at've set `ip route` and so I can use that gateway if hosts on 192.168.4...

majorthom by Beginner
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Hi Experts, I am trying to configure anyconnect on Cisco ISR 4321 but somehow the command is not being executed and I am unable to enable WebVPN command .   image with ISR_4321_Security  License enabled                                ^ It seems the ...

Hi all,is it possible to synchronize to an NTP server behind a static NAT? I keep getting this error:I have been unable to find anything Cisco-related to manycast.When I eliminate NAT there is no NTP sync error.I have the following topologyI am worki...

juantovarm_1-1666842059669.png juantovarm_0-1666841734312.png juantovarm_2-1666842153221.png juantovarm_3-1666842428403.png

Hello Everyone,   Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I used to have this line configured on an extended ACL:permit udp any any eq bootpc bootps But then a few of my laptops started having issues and could not get an IP address.  So after many...

dacruzer1 by Beginner
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Hello Above is the Topology in which there is 1 ISP with Two Sites. One Site is Connected with WAN IP( with ISP and other Site is ( Site 1 is having Loopback( and Site 2 is using ( Routing Config :1. Made Sit...

Screenshot 2022-10-20 141851.png Screenshot 2022-10-20 142650.png

Is there a IOS/NX-OS command to show routes that use specified gateway or interface? (If there's more than one gateway , then show ip route | include gw_ip is not useful because printout is split over multiple lines.)

AlexFer by Beginner
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Hello Everyone, I am having some difficulties with the following. I have 2 WAN ports to the same ISP where I need to configure these two ports as Primary and Backup with HSRP. Each interface has its own /30 subnet. Now I am comfortable with LAN side ...

Mundo by Beginner
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Hi,We are planning to upgrade the Cisco 9300 switch  from  IOS XE16.12.4 to IOS 17.3.4? Can we can upgrade it directly? What is the command to check the  version running on the primary ROMMON ? What is the command to check the  version running on the...

Hi,We're running 16.3.x version on CSR 1000v and plan to upgrade to 16.12.x or 16.17.x.I am wondering if it's possible to upgrade 16.3.x to 16.17.x or need to upgrade first another version.And, how about 16.12.x? is there any issue to upgrade from 16...

kay.kang by Beginner
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