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Hello Everyone, I am just Confused about Filtering methods like - Route Maps, Distribute List, Prefix-Listwhere to use above these methods?Aas i came to know that all these methods are for filtering purpose with the help of ACL but where to use these...

Hi All,If I have the following Tunnel Interface with IP flow Egress configured. Should I be able to see traffic conversations egressing the Tunnel Interface or has encryption happened by this point? I'm not seeing any traffic and wondering if I have ...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Good Evening, I'm having trouble understanding how a PPP loop forms.  I've read the RFC 1661, and I understand the purpose of the magic number and that it being unique would mean no loop and if not unique, it would potentially mean a loop.  My questi...

I am feeling frustrated and yet, I feel lame...  I am trying to setup a general access list allowance on my asa.  I would like to set a permit via the gui for now where source = anyport allowed is tcp/udp 15488 As for the destination, do I set it to ...

I have a Cisco 2960 which is directly connected to a Windows machine, but I can't ping the machine or vice versa. The MAC address of the windows machine does show up in the mac table of the 2960.Pings come back as unreachable. Is there anything this ...

Hi everyone,I am working on a design to provide connectivity between two datacenters and branch offices in case of MPLS connectivity failure.In a past design, I had connected my branch offices to the datacenters using Cisco ASA and IPSec VPN tunnels....

Is there a MAC address limit for Cisco switches, and if so what is it and where can I find it? There is normally a published MAC limit for Cisco Cat switches, typically of 8K.  This is listed in the respective data sheets.  I haven't found anything i...

I have a 1841 and 2811 router for my home lab. Today my 2811 died and appears that the board is toast. After looking on ebay I see that the 2821 is the same price or cheaper than the 2811. I also read that it is slightly quieter after it boots becaus...

jkay18041 by Participant
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How can I gain access to my router if the CPU utilization is pegged at 100%?.  The router in question is remote and not accessible locally. Is there a configuration that would allow me to always be able to access the mngt port?

HiI use E1/Ethernet conveter 8 port for my internet link and want to replace this converter by cisco router support 24 E1(ethernet port).could you please suggest  for me wich router model can I use for this?    

Med Aly by Beginner
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