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BGP routing based on ARIN info

Hi guys,I have discovered weird routing from our ISP all related to BGP. Here is the scenario (real-one). - there is a /19 prefix bought about 10 years ago, which was registered with ARIN authority. - as bussiness grew each site got it /24.The troub...

Resolved! Determining OSPF default route

I have got OSPF running with two area i.e 0 for my back bone and 1 for the WAN sites. For the WAN sites I need to tell the router to use a default route and how do I do that with OSPF. At the moment I have a static default route onThank for the help

utawakevou by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Cisco 2900 Router

Hi, I'm new here. I have UC 560 FXO, 2 Cisco 2900 Router,2  Cisco Catalyst 3560 V2 series PoE-48 and 4 tel Cisco 7942. I want to create a VoIP network from point A to point B ; where I can find all settings, connections and configuration commands for...

Resolved! ospf Summarize routes

Hi,its ospf network, i'm facing some problem when i try to summarize routes between from area0 to area 1, Router5 placed in area0 its has couple of loop address and router 2 (ABR) want to summarize those address in to area 1. here is the error messag...

feroz syed by Participant
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VTP question ?

Hello,Here is my question ?I have three core swithces and 8 acces switches I configured VTP on twocore sitches same VTP confiduration Q1:Which one will act asa server ?Q2:what is the use of transparent mode in production any use for this ?Q3:Suppose ...

cisco 1841 dual isp

hello experts,I need help for configuring two ISPs in a active active is the basic connectivity            (isp1)          (isp2)               |                 |                  |                 |             <Router1>   <Router2>      ...

QoS to limited bandwidth and how to use policy

Hicould I ask policy question:1. can I  use same class/policy more than ones? like:class-map match-any my-class  .............!policy-map policy-1  class my-class  prority percent 10!policy-map policy1G-int  class class-default    shape average 10000...

julxu by Beginner
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utilization issue

Hello All,We are having two router which are connected with two point to point links where one link is with 6 MB and Second one is with 2 MB. now if i do the load balancing than both links are being utilized till 2 MB it means total utlization of the...

This is possible?

Hi,I need help.This is possible? only can ping gateway.why and dont ping gateways? config switch 2960PT:!version 12.2no service timestamps log datetime msecno service timestamps debug datetime msecno...

saomarcos by Beginner
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Calculate WAN Requirements

Good morning all,I have a nice easy one for somone out there i'm sure......I have been asked to bridge and existing LAN to another site office at the other end of the country:LAN <> WAN <LAN>Currently the existing LAN has no external connectivity and...

Metro failover advice

Hi all, Need some advice pleaseWe have our office connected to our dc via two independent metro Ethernet links. 100mb &amp;10 mb respectively.  The links are provided by BT and VMB, both presented on rj45's each end.     Site A we have 2 Cisco 2901's...