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I'm working on tweaking the config on a 2911 ISR G2 with a ZBF and am looking for some input.  Our main issue right now is that the router is having performance issues once we hit certain troughput thresholds.Right now, I have an inside-outside inspe...

Resolved! Cisco 2811 w/ HWIC-4ESW - Routing Question

Hi there... I don't consider myself a Cisco expert or anything, but I can get around. I'll give an overview of my current setup... I currently have a Cisco 2621 powering a network at our co-location facility... It's a simple setup and is working w...

mattlager by Beginner
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New SG 300-20 Cisco Managed Switch!

Building a small office environment. WAN > pfSense (Firewall and Router) > Switch (services computers and servers in AD domain)DNS and DHCP are provided by the Domain Controller.Things appear to be working okay. The only change I've made from the out...

patrickw26 by Beginner
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routing between vlan

I have two Sql 2008 servers having two lancords on each server now i given in on lan cord and in second lancord now we are looking for Lan cord failover between two can i achive this.Srini

Which 10Gig Switch??

Goood Day, i have to connect 11 3750 switches with sfp to single 12 port fiber switch.. but i want that switch must be 10gig , i have searched for 4948 , 4928 but unable to chose the best model.....confused with the model... just using mostly for sto...

PHDF download

Guysworking on the 3725 with advanced IPS image,I am looking for PHDF File to be load to flash,pls post me the direct link to download it .... i didn;t find itThanks

alsayed by Beginner
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Resolved! Which is best cisco 891 or 892

Hi,Which router is better 891 or 892, what is the difference between them and which one is cheaper and by how much ?My requirement is to run about 10-20 computers from each router.Regards,Mero

Mero Cisco by Beginner
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Resolved! Static NAT Question

Hi Guys,Im trying to setup a static nat for a branch site so that any packets that come in over the WAN with the destination are translated to Any traffic with the destination of should stay untouched.I've ...

Full BGP table in a VRF, good or bad idea?

Hello,I'm currently mulling over the concept of running a full BGP table (340000 prefixes more or less) inside a VRF or whether I should stick with the normal and just use the Default IP Routing Table and VRF everything else....Can't make my mind up,...

Resolved! Using a uc540w to connect to two wans

Hi.I want to purchase a uc540w for a small office (with IPSec and IPS) to use as a router , firewall and for IP phone management.  The problem Is there Is a DSL line for data and a seperate DSL line for voice.How can I route the data and voice to the...

Reprovoid by Beginner
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