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Resolved! IP SLA

We have had to add an additional firewall due to high usage. We set up IP SLA  and the load has been split across the two links and this has been working ( for the most part).  I need all traffic from  10.1.1.x  to go out track 1 . I tried adding a r...

SVI Routing Query

Dear experts, Attached is the topology which I created for the lab purpose. I had configured IOU1 and IOU2 to act as the PC. That is by disabling "no ip routing" and "ip default-gateway" as for IOU1 and for IOU2.The IOU3 switch ...

IP routing issue

Dear Cisco experts, I am new to networking and recently started an education within networking. I have a little setup where:Ip: with VLSM split into 8 subnets (32,32,16,8,4,4,4,4).I have managed to setup DHCP from each of the 4 routers bu...

Resolved! IP routing command not working

Hi Everyone, I am using a multilayer switch in Packet Tracer and assigning an ip address to each VLAN, I needed to enable IP routing. I typed the command at the global configuration terminal and I kept getting an error. Does anyone know this keeps ha...

OSPF Default Originate with HSRP

Working on setting up a pair of 9300s to be 1 of the egress points for the network w/ a backup site at another location.  Currently i have the other location using the default-information originate command w/ a metric of 5 and that works w/o any issu...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
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Top talkers command in ISR 4431

Hi, I have recently replaced my cisco 2811 with ISR 4431 and had a very tough to find out the top talkers (IP's) consuming more BW.  Though the below command gives the data, but its not sorted unlike in earlier versions. Plz help. sh flow monitor B...

sridhar ch by Beginner
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Monitoring reachability ASA

Hello Friends,I have two link to partner company, one primary and one backup.I wanna track reachability over primary link so if this goes down I add route over backup link. Normally i do it with ip SLA.However i want when primary link comes back to c...

Connection was reset CISCO2921/K9

Hello.Can somebody help me please. I have remote management by ssh to a router (2921), but I continually get this message and I cannot make configurations because it disconnects every 1 second:"Connection was reset"I deleted this command: ip ssh time...

VaneV by Beginner
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routing problem

Hello all, on this lab, i can't ping to or to the gateway ( want to reach the cloud from any fortigate ( the address of the fortigate is a static address)also i want to add a default router to the cloud from all the fortigate. i...

sel18 by Beginner
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Are port numbers following IP addresses in show ip nat translations in dynamic NAT configuration?

Hello, everyone, I have noticed there are numbers following the IP addresses in dynamic NAT configuration (see attached picture). I know in a PAT configuration (overload) those numbers are port numbers. I'm wondering if they are port numbers in dynam...

Mary Leon by Beginner
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