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Hi everyone Please I need to find a solution for below- I have 2 ciscoes isr443 routers  2 cisco switches with a 10 GB interface- I have 2 wan lines, one dedicated for internet access and one for network traffic to our branches- 2 Palo alto firewall....

Majeed4u by Beginner
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Resolved! Hqos issue

HelloI have come across an issue which I cannot fathom, its pertaining to hierarchical MPQ policy running on cisco 8300 CE rtrWhen this Hqos policy is applied straight away I see vast mounts of output drops on the wan interface.however looking into t...

Question:  On a cisco NCS-5500, running Version : 7.2.2.  If you configure a sub-interface under a TenGigE interface, and you specify that sub-interface to be a .0, i.e. te0/0/0/15.0, will this sub-interface by default be untagged?  Or do you still n...

If I send a web request to an external host (web server), what mechanism is used to ensure the response is directed to the correct host on the local network.This is how I think it works but I feel i might be missing something,When the host on the loc...

pedroperes by Beginner
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HiI am confused here what does the set commuity command do please, we call the same acl in the route map so am a bit confused.?route-map RM_NCRS_TO_VM1 permit 10match ip address ACL_NCRS_TO_VM_01set community 28!route-map RM_NCRS_TO_VM2 permit 10matc...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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Hello,Is there a trick when it is not possible to use BFD multihop and mapping for BGP (fall-over bfd multi-hop) ?I have three routers that have a BGP session :The connection from router to the other two is not direct because there are optic...

sebastien3 by Enthusiast
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Which cisco router has ike(internet key exchange) version 2 in SMB or Branch routers or ISR series if any kindly update me asap, Thanks

Hello everyone,   I need your help and this is the point I'd like to make clear:   I set up cisco 890 in my customers to bring up the PPP and SNMP protocol. (ADSL, FTTH, EFM). I've got all my pre-made conf, I just have to inject them every time a rou...

Translator by Community Manager
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