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Resolved! Cisco 2951 can't see SM-D-ES3-48-P module.

Hello and thanks to anyone who will answer this post. I have the situation with my new Cisco 2951 router. It has only one module on board - SM-D-ES3-48-P. I don't know what is wrong but I can't see any information about this module. When I connect my...

grinch182 by Beginner
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Resolved! Connecting sites using multilayer switch

Hi guys,Need some opinion from you guys...I'm thinking of connecting a branch office to the main office with just using multilayer switch. The sites will be connected using ethernet leased line, so I'm thinking of connecting it directly to the switch...

ja raju by Beginner
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Resolved! Help with OSPF virtual links

I am practicing setting up OSPF virutal links and I never have done it before. I have a setup with 4 routers setup as follows.R1---area0--------R2----------area11-----------R3-----------area54-----------R4I want to be able to ping from R4 to R1.I hav...

burleyman by Collaborator
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BGP advertised pre-fix

Hi,We have many  BGP neighbor relationships established on 6500 switch. We need to find out a particular pre-fix that is advertised to which neighbors. How can we find it out without giving advertise command for each neighbor.For example if we need t...

Resolved! One Subnet - Multiple Sites

Hi,We have a customer who has 6 locations. They are connected with metro ethernet (point to multipoint)Their ip blocks are10.0.10.0/24 Site 1 (Main Office) Site Site 310.0.40.0/24 Site 410.0.50.0/24 Site 510.0.60.0/24 Site 6...

Resolved! 887W Default IP?

I just received a 887W and would like to setup using the SDM.I don't know and cannot find the default IP.I would appreciate being told the default IP.regards, Mark

mgregory by Beginner
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Static NAT fails on a 876

I am facing a very weird situation with a certain 876 device.What I am trying to accomplish is to access an internal FTP server from outsideI am setting up a simple configuration (dialer0 outside, vlan1 inside, with or without firewall - I've tried b...

katsulis by Beginner
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We are using the private AS to run BGP in our network.Router B, C and D will be connected to router A. Can Router C and Router D use the same AS number?Router A -> AS100Router B -> AS 200Router C -> AS 300Router D -> AS 300Thank you,

Joe Lee by Beginner
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