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I need design a edge wan router for QoS for the main office in which concentrate 30 remote sites,  the QoS polices are very specific, so whitch are the guide lines to choose this router?Thanks in avance for your help

juankcs85 by Beginner
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I do some development for a local company and support, but there is one massive problem with their network.The person who initially set it up, cannot be contacted and things are pretty much a mess, they have one wifi tower, and all the traffic from r...

Hi Cisco Support Forum,we are having some trouble setting up our router (Cisco 861W) webserver on the LAN so that it can be accessed from outside (http via port 80).When we try to access it via the web address, we just get the login window of the Cis...

We have two Internet circuits w/ Verizon Business.Before we signed up, they promised we'd be able to utilize both of them in active/active fashion.After the circuits were turned up, they refused to turn on bgp multipath, citing some BS policy, so we'...

huangedmc by Participant
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Hi All,Below is the config has done on my 881g but the dual NAT failover is not working.I have a easy vpn over NAT (easy vpn firewall: behind the router).Tested like below....1. After completed the config, I shut down the FastEthernet4, cl...

jopetik09 by Beginner
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Hi Friends,I have some doubts about DNS Role and connectivity with Internet. Please correct me  and guide me if I am wrong.I knew, DNS is resloving IP address to Hostnames ( URL ) and vice versa.In below idle scenario: Connectivity between end user a...

What I would like:Internet-----------887va-------LANMy setup:I have a adsl setup from my ISP (TDC) and I would like to use my 887va as modem instead of the supplied Motorola Modem.I have the technical info on the connection: VPI = 0, VCI = 101 and RF...

Hello Dears,Does anyone have an idea, if the  7600-SIP-200 supported in VSS mode or not ?I have configured to Cisco Catalyst 6513 as VSS, both of them have the  7600-SIP-200 module, before converting them to VSS I was able to work with the  7600-SIP-...

Resolved! BGP Rib-failure

Hi All,My topology is as below:Switch A -- Router A -- Upstream Router A            |          |            | __  Router B --Upstream Router BRouter A and Router B belongs to AS 1111Upstream Router A and Upstream Router B belongs to AS 2222Router A c...

noobieee7 by Beginner
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HiI'm hoping to convert a few connections from ADSL to FTTC but would like not to have to replace the Cisco 857 router already installed.To achieve this I would need to allocate one of the Ethernet ports as the WAN interface and configure PPPOE for a...

Is there a recommended practice for determining the best QoS burst setting when policing on an (ethernet) interface over a WAN you get the best throughput as as close to the cir as possible?Say you have a 20MB wan circuit and want to pol...

Dears ,Is there is any way to pass the cost from static route to ospfLike I put the below route on one of my router and if i go to one another neighbor see OSPF cost only .Is there is any way to preserve the cost 150 in the neighboring router also ?i...

Haris P by Enthusiast
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