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Resolved! "cable length" commnad in a DS3 interface

Hi All,Can some one tell me1)The relevance of "cable length" commnad in a DS3 interface.2)What exactly happens to the controller when we code this command into the interface,3)Also what is the default, minimum and maximum cable length.I tried to find...

Lijesh NC by Beginner
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Problem bringing up circuit

Hi,I'm seeing the following on my circuit:Mar 12 15:58:19.494: POS5/0: HDLC myseq 57, mineseen 59223*, yourseen 67347, line upCan someone please help with this, i.e how to troubleshoot it?ThanksDan

dan_track by Beginner
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Resolved! Creating WAN Link between two sites

HiI need a bit of assistance setting up a WAN link between two sites.Our ISP has provided us with a WAN Extension link between the two sites. On Site A's end we have their equipment installed with two VLANS. VLAN 183 is our new direct link to the int...

Resolved! IP Redirect

HiI have a problem which i hope someone could shed some light on.Currently I have 1 external IP address a  Webserver in the DMZ and a Exchange\OWA server in the LAN the router is a cisco 881.We have a port rediorect rule to send all 443 traffic to th...

fundataca by Beginner
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Resolved! Admin distance on ASBR

Hi,Trying to adjust admin distance of external routes injected in OSPF domain from eigrp :router ospf  10redistribute eigrp 11 subnetsdistance 200 eig-to-ospfip access-list standard eig-to-ospfpermit ip

Extend VLAN Over WAN

Hello NetproHow to extended VLAN over WAN Link between PointA to PointB. Vlan121 was created on PointA, one Server at PointB needs to be on same LAN. WAN Link between PointA to PointB is over outdoor broadband wireless networks.ThanksTom

How to log all traffic?

Dear all,as you know, in PIX/ASA firewall with the following commands I can log all traffic incoming and outgoing through the PIX/ASA :logging onlogging timestamplogging standbylogging trap informationallogging history debugginglogging facility 16log...

SA 520 Wan Issue

Hello,I am trying to figure this out, but for the life of me I can't seem to find the setting that does what I need.My setup is as follows:Modem -> SA 520 -> DMZ -> Web Server                     |                 Switch -> ComputerEverytime I try to...

Resolved! 4507 - Loading new image upon reboot

Hi,I have a 4507RE and just copied over a new IOS (cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA11.bin). Since the older image is currently loaded, i need to reboot the switch so that the new image can be loaded. What command do I use to instruct the switch to use th...

Resolved! 2610 0x2101 problem

Hello,I have this 2610 router and I'm trying to flash a new IOS.  The router was given to us so we do not have the passwords.I get to rommon and do "confreg 0x2101" then "reset" to reboot the router.The problem is that it loads the installed IOS norm...