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We are using a standard setup which matches a QoS policy-map against Class-Maps using an ACL for certain types of traffic. We then DSCP mark this traffic on Egress and use WRED and CBWFQ.for example:access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq 3200access-li...

Hello there,We are multihoming using two 7600 routers, each to a separate ISP.  The two 7600's then have an iBGP peering between them.  I am preferring routes to the first ISP using local preference so if I do a "show ip bgp summary" I see the follow...

dpoehls by Level 1
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There is a command in IOS XR - "bundle minimum-active links 2"  that will take the bundle-ether interface down if the an interface goes down.  There is NOT an equivalent command in standard IOS.  Does anyone have a solution/workaround to drop a port-...

Resolved! 3750 Lockdown

I have a 3750 and can telnet / web interface into from every interface that I assign it. How can I prevent this and only allow it for one interface?(only allow management from here)Vlan2Ip address address 255....

tedtucker by Level 1
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hey guys,one of our customer has went got him self broadband with o2 and with o2 he dose not have a username and password to put the router. he is using a cisco 857 but one of the engineers dose not how to set it up, i cant seem to get my head round ...

I have a windows 2003 server ( behind a Linksys RV042 ( router connected to a Comcast cable box.I see some TCP retransmission and TCP Dup ACKs in wireshark when I access websites form that server.What information do I need...

net tech by Level 1
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Hi,I have a router with eigrp and bgp running.if i have a "distribute-list 35 out bgp 64515" configured on an eigrp process and the acl 35 is configured with deny all, would this effectively block all advertised network from other eigrp peers from ap...

Hey All,Is it possible to set the default route on an asa to something different for one particular IP address?so everyone uses the route outside a particular ip ( uses a different default gateway?hope that mak...

agent2007 by Level 1
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Routing Problem in Cisco Routers ? Dear Cisco Experts :I Have an Issue ( Routing Problem ) in Cisco Routers , My Network As follow :I Have 3 Routers ( ISDN_Router , Dialup_Router , And Access_Router )1- Dialup_Router Config : hostname Dialup_Router!...

mohdsaad1 by Level 1
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