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Created a link aggregation on three switches but when i connected my computer to the switches to talk to one another it isnt working. where did i go wrong? below is my cisco packet tracer information.

Hi everyone.So I have an assignment where I have to control several IoT items from a smartphone through a radius server service. However, even before trying to configure it properly, I am having problems to create a connection between the server and ...

How can I achieve reachability from vlan terminated on the L3 switch to routed port on the router, FW?F.Eint vlan 10,50 are the SVI's on L3 switchvlan 10 - /24 vlan 50 - /24vlan 50 is the native vlan on trunk link towards (rou...

KUiHD.png F3tDX.png

 Hello everybody. I have a question about ABR LSA-3 flooding antiloop.I have a topology like this one in the diagrom below.  So, I have a backbone area, a non-backbone area and two ABR. When the two ABR create and flood LSA-3 from backbone to non-bac...


Hello. I have Cisco 866VAE-K9, which is an EOL device. I would like to use it as a modem for VDSL100 from Deutsch Telekom. Is it possible ? If not, does it have a capacity like PPPoE through ?Note that this router was in use till 2 years ago, it was ...

Hi guys  I have 4 ASR 1002-x acting as PPPOE server  i upgrade three of them to asr1002x-universalk9.16.09.07.SPA.bin and Rommon to 16.7(1r) as recommended in

We are having the below diagram   Core switch is having an IP on the default VLAN and is having IP address on VLAN10. Cisco ASA FW is having 2 connections from the core switch, one is an access on VLAN1, and the other is ...


Hello ,   I've been looking around and i couldn't find this switch. My requirement is to have a 24 port 10Gbe (RJ45 -copper) switch.   Can you guys please suggest a switch model?   Thanks 

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I have some point raised by audit team. I am having cisco 2811 router and recommanded below point to implement.Model : CISCO2811IOS     : c2800nm-advsecurityk9-mz.124-20.T2.bin    'It is recommended to:- Disable SSLv2 and SSLv3- Use TLS 1.2 or 1.3 wi...

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