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Configuring inbound PAT

Hi allI have a 837 ADSL router running at the moment connecting to corporate network via a VPN connection. The current VPN setup only permit certain IP address ranges (from corporate hub site)to reach this ADSL router. What I needed to do now is to e...

vincent-n by Participant
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Disconnecting ADSL

Hello,i am in france, and the ADSL routeur 837 (for Internet) give me some probleme due to the disconnecting some times.The ADSL work properly but some time, it stop to works.When i debug, i have this (in attachment.Do you have any ideas about theses...

mbuillon by Beginner
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bri problem

dears i have 1751 router connected via Frame-Relay primary and isdn backup. i found that isdn make calls although frame-relay is up . here is sample of debug dialer ouput 4d02h: BR1/0 DDR: place call 4d02h: BR1/0 DDR: Dialing cause ip (s=, d...

seegomaa by Beginner
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Routing Issue - Need Some Help

Hello All:Having an issue after adding a 3.x segment to our network. This may be difficult to explain but here goes. Also attached a diagram which should prove useful.Network segemented 1.x, 2.x, and recently added 3.xRouter A - 3 T1's servicing 2.x ...

dj214 by Beginner
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multicast question

Can i've more than one mroute: one pointing to the Rendezvous point (RP) and the other pointing to the Mapping Agent?We need an mroute command to violate the RPF check and make it point to the RP...but the case is when having an Auto-RP environment a...

melkomy by Beginner
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Memory fault on cisco 7246.

We have removed a software from flash memory, and replace it by a new software.And we have format bootflash memory and replace it by a new sofware.The UBR7246 can't load memory normally, we have some error while booting:System Bootstrap, Version 11.1...

Resolved! WAN routing - Not able to ping Directly

I have a question in regards to 2 routers connected over a Private T1 Link.They are both new 2821 Routers. One is in LA and the other one is here in DC(our HQ office).I link is up and I can telnet and ping the DC router(I sit in DC) and once I am in...

Etherchannel on a 3745

I currently have two 3745 Routers that I would like to take the built in fast ethernet interfaces and configure them for etherchannel. I have run into a problem however. I can create the port-channel interface and I can also add the fast ethernet int...

Point-To-Point E1 config

Hi.We have installed an E1 line that would connect remote ofiices to the central site. The telco has told me that only two of the channels has been activated.The telco only provides physical layer transmission.thanks How would you configure each chan...

dehghan by Beginner
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Solution Required

Hi, we have a setup which is having Ethernet Modems which is connected to 20 different locations all are on the same network( in each location max. 2 PC's are connected, now when all the ppl. are trying to send the file from various ...

anand by Beginner
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