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Resolved! Inter Vlan routing problem

Hello Everyone, I have an IT testlab with a Cisco 880 VA router. It has 4 switchports (FA0-3). I use these switchports only, as for some reason I can't configure the atm/eth0 port.Configuration: I have got two Vlans: Vlan1 and Vlan2. FA/1, FA/2, FA/3...

Attila123 by Beginner
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Router AAA VRF

hi,i got a router which has AAA and MGMT interface using a VRF.i noticed some routers has MGMT VRF configured but not under its AAA 'ip vrf forwarding'i need to add the said command under AAA to generate/monitor logs in question is, will i get...

RV315W Block our port110and587

Hi everyone,this few months the router keeping blocking our company user outlook email all user suddenly fail to send and received the email, outlook just keep pop up the error box Task"" receiving reported error (0X800CCCC0F) . every tim...

sweekiat by Beginner
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BGP Route Injection

Hello, I know that route injection let us to insert prefixes more specific withouth appear in the routing table. Now I am practising but isn't working fine. The steps are:  Configure a prefix-list listing all more-specific prefixes Configure a ROUTE-...

Firepower 1120 redundant ports

Hi all, I would like to ask, if I can set-up redundant ports on Cisco Firepower 1120 ?  My scenario is : I would need to connect this device to 2 ISPs . And when one ISP (connected to 1 port) goes down, all traffic should be redirected to go through ...

dvidurban by Beginner
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how to upgrade ios of cisco 871 router ?

Dear All, am using cisco 871 router. c870-advsecurityk9-mz.124-24.T1.bin presently used ios, i have few doubts 1. can I update my image to the latest version in this router ?2. where should i find the ios , i searched a lot unable to find any image ?...

pauljose23 by Beginner
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BGP Hold time expired and no supported AFI/SFI

Hi all,  Please help me to fix this problem, BGP hold time expires frequently even though the cellular link signal strength is very good. Also, why would that AFI error appears which makes the BGP session down. Config of DMVPN hub and spoke has been...

Resolved! WS-C2960X-24TS-L OSPF

Hello. Can Cisco Switch  WS-C2960X-24TS-L support full OSPF protocol,  with software 15.2(6) E ,or with some other release ? I read somewhere that supports a limited number of dynamic routes.

ibrkic001 by Beginner
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