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Hi Guys, I have a question regarding ESP protocol.On our DMVPN network for remote branches, the telco(ISP) has reported highly utilized links which causes network degrading performance on their side. They pointed out that the high utilization is comi...

Resolved! ACL Trouble

Hello there please help me, I'm learning about ACL and using the standard in the trials that I do. I think it works but it's different from what I expected, I want the server to ping the client but the client can't ping the server and what I get is t...

Piers by Level 1
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Trying to setup soho internet with C891 to Verizon ONT(FiOS) but receiving encapsulation failed in debug ip packet. Config and debug log below:version 15.3!ip dhcp excluded-address!ip dhcp pool InsideDHCP import all network 19...

Is there any useful case of “ match interface “ in route-map other than usage in NAT .And I aslo want to know how “match interface”cmd  work . I mean , Does this command work for checking interface or mapping interface to appropriate route ? 

May I know that the product “C1F1PISR4400SK9” was obsolete in CCW ???below is the error message alerts in CCW Error message: SW Support (SWSS) is no longer available for this Cisco ONE perpetual License. Please purchase the DNAC1 or ACIC1 subscriptio...

Hello,Im trying to configure my Cisco 2821 router with a direct connection to Comcast. I use my own modem= Cisco DPC3008. So far, I have configured the basics. From the 2821 router, I cannot successfully resolve websites or internal hosts by name, bu...

mikemendo by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I would like to establish a connection between two subnets. There are two subnets: one of them is 192.170.x.x/16 and the other one is 192.168.x.x/16. I could not establish it with the IP route commands. I also added the packet tracer fil...

MUSTAFA3 by Level 1
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Hi,  I have a Cisco 897 VA.The WAN interface is connected to my pfSense (LAN, the pfSense address is my router, the WAN interface IP address is I would like to have two VLAN (10 and 20) with an Internet access (wit...

Portus92 by Level 1
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