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ASR 9K - Cluster upgrade question

I have been assigned the task of upgrading our client ASR 9K clusters (5 sites). They are currently on release 4.3.2 = an ISSU upgrade is out of the question.

Multipath WAN

I have a DataCenter and some Branch-Offices connected in MPLS.For one of these, very critical, I have to guarantee continuity of connection to the Data Center, also in case of problems on the MPLS.So I have to add one or two alternative routes.The qu...

battanc by Beginner
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boost licence IOS

hiFirst, I read that for using boost licence on 4k routers we have to be in IOS 16.7.1.What about other IOS release ? I mean 16.8, 16.9 ... ? and 16.6.6 launched after 16.7.1 Second question : do we need performance licence + boost to disable router ...

nvanhaute by Beginner
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simple BGP problem

hellovery simple topology i create 4 routers as a i put scenario's photo belowNo special configuration very basic eBGP peering with physical interfacebut output is weird5.5.5.5 is also on R1i've checked several times No special BGP config i did , but...

BGP1.png BGP1.png BGP1.png BGP1.png

Resolved! ip community-list in BGP

hello allcan please clarify for me little bit confused with :ip community-list 85 permit 10:20!route-map RMAP permit 10match community 85------------------------that community list tells labeled or TAG prefixes with community 10:20what does exactly m...

Resolved! 3850 mode button

Hi there,Thanks for reading.I'm trying to do a password recovery.  My process is 1) pull power 2) hold MODE button 3) Watch switch boot straight into login prompt. The SYST LED goes amber briefly but the STAT never lights up.  I'm sure it's my method...

Bob Greer by Enthusiast
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Cisco 881G Router

Hi, All Recently i brought a used Cisco 881G router, i just wanted to know that is this router support DSL, if please help me to configure MY DSL line on it Regards,Mufeed

Resolved! SSH login command not working in Packet Tracer

I am doing an exercise where I configure SSH. I believe all of the commands have been entered correctly. However, when I try to actually SSH into a device, I get a invalid input command that you can see here:  I have attached the packet tracer file I...

TheFox by Beginner
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Configure ASA 5512x w/ DHCP ISP

I have DHCP internet, and cannot figure out why I cannot ping outside of my firewall. Firewall is directly connected to modem.  Gi0/0 = WAN (DHCP)Gi0/2 = LAN ( w/ DHCP from firewall Ive spent the last few hours following several instructi...

Cisco 300-115 exam

Urgent request!!! Hi Guys, In 300-115 Cisco exam how i can connect to the switch from the PC console, is it through telnet command or there is different way?? waiting for your valuable response.Thanks

mbahaa149 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA Subinterface Configuration Issues

I am trying to change my configuration to serve my network's public IP and DMZ from subinterfaces on the same physical interface. When I configure the public IP address directly on the physical interface I have Inernet access as expected but when I c...

jimmlegs by Beginner
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Resolved! GETVPN strange issue- question

Hello all, getvpn was implemented 4 years ago and about 120 routers are participating.  Every year or so some routers will stop decryption/encryption ingress & egress traffic.  They show registered to the key servers and have the correct ACL and ever...