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Hello, we have a router connected to our WAN via BGP and we receive all advertised LAN routes via this BGP link. So we currently direct all BGP routes in addition to out this interface.Now we want to establish a separate interface on this rou...

We have a private MPLS network (all private IP's) and would like to limit what traffic reaches certain areas.SITE AServers ( Site BLAN 1 ( 2 ( 3 ( For this question, we'll concentrate on SITE B AC...

louis0001 by Level 3
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Good afternoon, I have a cisco 3750 and a router 2951. 6 VLANs are configured on 3750. I do not have Internet pings on 3750, even though I can ping a router. I need HELP i undestend i make somthing silly but i cant fix thatCISCO 2950: interface Gigab...

logianto by Level 1
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Hi everybody!I am cascading a cisco 1841 (R1) to a SOHO tp-link adsl router(R0).Cascaded to the 1841 there is another netgear SOHO router(R2).Internet ---R0--- R1---R2---LANR0 has 4 lan ports serving addresses in, and R0's ip address i...

zorzig by Level 1
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Hello, I am planning to do static mapping, DHCP, on a Cisco 2900.  So I have a file with static bindings and I saw that that file is 'referred' to with something like:Router(dhcp-config)# origin file tftp://     for example. I...

roncro by Level 3
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Hello, I am also  setting up the router as a DNS server. I can add "local addresses " with something like:# ip host mypc have a dozen hostname/ip's that I'd like in there, can that be done with a file also?  (as with the dhcpstatic-bin...

roncro by Level 3
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Hi,  I am working on a lab configuration for my school assignment which is : I followed all the steps in the above mentioned instructions (in the url). It doesn't seem to work. I am not able...

Does anyone have any insight on why I would be able to successfully ping a loopback address, but cannot successfully traceroute to it without the last hop timing out? I am not using any ACLs/NAT/Firewalls in this test. Example topology:R3<->R1<->R2R1...

Oh Drother by Level 1
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Could anyone advise me how we can forward R1 loopback IP address with specific prefix.I need R1 to send prefix  to R3and R1 send prefix to R2 Does we have solution to deal this?FYI R2-R3 = iBGP peerR1-R2 , R1-R3 = eBGP peer

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 4.40.02 AM.png
ivynobita by Level 1
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Resolved! PW encryption

I have a newbie question for you. I understand the "service password-encryption" is very weak but is there a more secure option for passwords?

RobHawkz by Level 1
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