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This is in VM console of this machine Welcome to rescue mode! After logging in, type "journal -xb" to viewsystem logs, "systemctl reboot" to reboot, "systemctl default" or ^D to boot into default mode.Give root password for manitenance(or press Contr...

pcu-rebar by Beginner
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Hello,  I have been attempting to gain access to my employer's Smart Net Total Care Portal. I have entered in both the required contract ID and a serial number for an active Cisco device. When I proceed to forward my request for access to the Delegat...

Anyone experience the error message "Authentication Failed while trying to send test email" when configuring the email setting configuration on the collector? I have entered the correct smtp server / port / email to email address / and senders mail I...

Common Service Platform Collector 2.7-Error.png

Hello Team, How are you? I'm having trouble getting access to SNTC Portal for a customer. We followed the instruction guide (, but we got stuck in step 2 (L...

HI Team, Hi Team, Could you please help me how can we deploy CSPC server with SNTC portal Also let me know what is the prerequisite for the same. And suppose if we have DC & DR site along with different location then how can we deploy this server?can...

Akasht by Beginner
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