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Nexus 3064 Firmware nxos.7.0.3.I4.6.bin

I have a Nexus 3064 I want to firmware to nxos.7.0.3.I4.6, direction say I need to Compact the image.   My 3k does not have the option. old# copy scp:nxos.7.0.3.I4.6.bin bootflash:nxos.7.0.3.I4.6.bin ? <CR> source-interface Select source interface vr...

stein9700 by Beginner
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Switch, voice and native VLAN, configure switchports

Hello.Let's consider a switch with 24 switchports (like Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960L-24TS-LL).Switchport number 5 is connected to a wireless access point (AP) (like Cisco AIR-AP1832I-E-K9).Frames arriving from the AP on the switch can have the VLAN tag 2...

leam2 by Beginner
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Cat 6840-X traffic shaping

Looking for some validation / assistance should the following be incorrect.    The goal is to implement egress traffic shaping on the 6840 platform, while maintaining a priority queue for voice (and ideally video) data. This hardware should support a...

Resolved! Question regarding STP TCNs

Please let me know if i wrong.In STP when a switch detects a topology change it will send TCNs to the neighboring switches and then all the switches reduce their mac aging time to 15secs.Doubt:1. The switch that detects the toplogy change will reduce...

MS NLB failing on 6509 after reboot

Hi, We have an issue where MS NLB fails after a switch reboot i.e. the arp entries no longer exist and the only way around this is by removing and reapplying the configuration.  I believe our configuration isn't actually correct but I wanted to know ...

Debugging Algo boost / Warp mode

I have a Nexus 3000 switch that is capable of Algo Boost / Warp mode that I want to debug that is kinda like debug ip packet detail or debug ip cef. What's the command to do this? Also, how do I send that debug output results on console or terminal m...

HSRP filtering on access switch

Hello guys,   Currently, each user's port on an access switch receive HSRP frame and for best security we would like to filter/block HSRP packet.   Is it possible ?   In attachment an architecture example.   Thank in advance.

Resolved! POE Problem from HWIC-D 9ESW on 2851

Hi all,   I am trying to connect a 7911 phone to a HWIC-D 9ESW switchport but I'm getting nothing.  The SH POWER INLINE command isn't even recognised.  Everything looks perfect.  The switchport works fine when a PC or laptop is connected to it.   Rou...

3850 Faulty POE Status

I have a switch port reporting a faulty status. The device plugged in is a management port of an ISR4431, which is not a POE device, however it is still showing that a power device is detected.   *Nov 25 08:17:30.042: %ILPOWER-7-DETECT: Interface Gi1...

Resolved! EGRP

Hi, 1. I wanna know default metric in EIGRP please? 2. I wanna know what successor & feasible  successor in EIGRP are and how feasible  successor elects. Thanks