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Hi folks,   Here is the situation, my company is using WS-C3650-48TS as the core switch. Currently it connect with 16 client switch (HP V1910), 2 uplink to firewall (HA) and 2 uplink (EtherChannel) with 3560G-24TS which connect to about 10 servers wi...

annowong by Beginner
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Hi All,  I am Chencha Rao, and I am a Network Engineer from Services oriented Company. I connected and configured like the scenario is ISP(ACT) to Firewall(Cyberoam 35iNG) to switch(cisco SG350).   From ISP to Firewall Port B configuration is ok. bec...

chrao119 by Beginner
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I need to block all access from the guest wireless to our internal network. The following is the ACL I've come up with so far for the guest SSID. I thought seq 1 and 2 would work - 1 allow clients to communicate with DHCP and 2 block access to all in...

I'm trying to set one vlan as isolated ports on my edge switches for peer to peer security and where I have trouble is setting up the mapping for the uplink. On the network side, I have vlan 200 with a dhcp server, firewall etc.  I will use 1200 as t...

Alex-Pr by Beginner
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This may not be configurable but I had to ask in order to correctly answer someone's question...   I have a pool of ip addresses in a DHCP pool.. I want to reserve a portion of them for a vendor specific hardware address.. Can this be done on Cisco s...

HelloCisco ISR 819 3g, installed a sim card, but the router does not see it, the sim indicator does not light, command sh controller cellular 0 shows a sim off, tried different slotsWhat could be the reason? Thank you.

pavelNE by Beginner
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Hi , We were unable to upgrade the IOS of 4500 R+E switch with SUP 7 L-E.  Trying to upgrade from 3.5.3  to 3.6.4 . Initially tried to upgrade the secondary supervisor. But it couldn't boot from the new IOS. IOS upgrade struck with the below messag...

gpsriramdc by Enthusiast
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I have Nexus 3064 with vPC configuration and some strange issue goingon, I have configured LACP 802.3ad bonding with my Linux servereverything was good and working great but as soon as i reboot server ifound on Nexus switch vpc is downN3K(config-if)#...

For some reason when I do show ip access-list on my Nexus 7K I'm seeing no hits on the access list. The access list is working as its denying access to subnets not allowed on the list.Do I need to turn any feature on?Thanks

Hello I need a little help. I have 2 C891F-K9 routers connected on two WS-C2960X stacked switches. My routers perform routing on stick and I make GLBP on VLANS. when I transfer a machine in a VLAN to another VLAN, the following errors appear in th...

Hi,    I have  a set of 3 cat 3750 switches  stacked  together with a single ip. I want to add one more switch  , like cat 3850  or cat 9300. Stacking is ruled out. So to  get  the maximum  throughput  can  I trunk ,  the  3850  or 9300 with (10 g)sf...

prakavi by Beginner
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