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IP camera issue switch 2960x

Hello,I have a park with more than 600 IP camera on 2960x switchsI configured a VLAN 31 as a vlan for IP cameracofiguration is correct, I can ping Cameras, DVR, central server on the VLAN but when I try to add some cameras to the main dispay screen ,...

IBE by Beginner
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Hi,I am a little confused with SVIs.This is the MAC address table and ARP on a device which is connected to a neighbor: Destination Address Address Type VLAN Destination Port-------------------  ------------  ----  --------------------aaaa.bbbb.ccc  ...

iores by Beginner
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Operation of Virtual Stacking on 9500

Hello guys,I want to know how switches that are stacked virtually would operate. Would you require separate management IP’s for them, are the configurations synch across. Also, can I run the stack-wise config on interfaces that are bundled together u...

xslll by Beginner
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Resolved! VPCs Peer is Dead

I have a pair of Nexus 5596 switches that are configured to be VPC peers.  One of the switches is “dead” and I cannot get the active VPC member to restore the configured VPCs to resume operations.The current config of the live switch (VPC peer) is:VP...

hauret by Beginner
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Resolved! Cat 2960X-- "boot system" syntax...

I am concerned that the syntax for #boot system is incorrect, which may lead to a locked out failed switch. May you please confirm that this is correct?2960X(config)#boot system flash:c2960x-universalk9-mz.152-7.E7.bin2960X#sh bootBOOT path-list : fl...

Resolved! Dhcp failed apipa being used

 this is my topology and I am trying to pool my dhcp from router 2 to sw1 and 2. But for some reason my dhcp pool won't work.I have trunked bithe switches and also they  are set to sw mode acc. 


Resolved! LLQ for 9200 switch and isr 4331

Hi. I have a task to configure traffic prioritization, since the topic is very big, I don't really understand which solution in combination would be the best for me qos, llq, maybe something else... Please help.1. I have a channel from an ISP of 300 ...