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we have two cisco routers , one is 1941 and 1841 they're both connecte dto BB switch yesterday we disconnected LAN interface Gi0/1 on the active router (1941) and there was no failover . please advise why failover didn't happened here is my config: ...

Resolved! Syslog Filtering

Hello, I would like to filter the following messages and save on a syslog server. I think I can use the discriminator command. HSRP - status change OSPF - neighbor change BGP - Peer Change STP topology and root change Can you help me how to do this...

Hi, I have a problem with command : Switch(config-if)#switchport mode access Switch(config-if)#switchport voice vlan <Voice VLAN ID> Switch(config-if)#switchport access vlan <VLAN ID> "Switchport voice vlan" is not recognized. My switch is the SG50...

Hello experts! We are a small office with ~100 employees and our current router are so old and we want to replace it by new one and reliable, like Cisco ;) What we need from new one? It: Dual WAN. So 3 Ethernet adapters should have at least. We have...

Hi, I'm pretty new to Cisco switches, so please bear with me while I ask fairly stupid questions. Firstly, I have a Cisco SG300-10 switch that I purchased so that I can create some VLANs at home.  The switch resides in my basement and is connected ...

aseem1234 by Level 1
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i wanna do load balancing between two ISP.is there any option when one of the ISP will go down then another isp will take place as a active role.i also wanna do load balancing and if one link will go down then it should be act as a active standby.

Is there a special consideration for spanning-tree in VSS setup? We recently upgraded a pair of 6500s (non-VSS) to 6807 (VSS). The setup is exactly the same and config is similar. But we ran into high CPU issue which turned out to be a layer 2 issue ...

S891 by Level 2
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Hi All, How easy is it to move end to end model of wireless terminating on a WLAN to tunnelled mode? I have a huge project and need to do this. There are in excess of 2000 Vlans also does any one have experience of moving WISM between chassis ? If...

cisco8887 by Level 2
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my router r1 has loop back ip of, , the E0/0 interface IP address is my bgp is 65123. IGP is EIGRP. so can I use below command to advertise Loopback and E0/0  Router bgp 65123 network mask network mas...

there broadcast storm in our network.we have hundreds of switches in my network now i dont know in which switch spanning tree is getting failure.so in this kind of situation how can i stop broadcast storm?