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OSPF and redistribute connected subnets.

Hello.I’m using a Catalyst with a hybrid configuration. MSFC3 is running 12.2.I need to redistribute connected, one vlan has a secondary IP address (, so I’m trying to redistribute connected with OSPF using this router ospf 100 redistri...

Enabling NSF with virtual-links

I'm enabling VSS on a pair of 6500's.  The documentation I have recommends enabling NSF in the OSPF process which shouldn't be too hard, except further reading about NSF mentions it doesn't work with virtual links. I have virtual links.  What I'm try...

OID of ‘oper power’ of an interface

Hi community,Hardware details:Switchstack: WS-C2960X-48LPS-L  15.0(2)EX5 Note: in a five member switch stackI am having difficulty locating or finding resources for the following OID. I am currently running the ‘sh power inline police’ command to rev...

Trying to Download a Software Image to Cisco 2800 series router through TFTP Using the tftpdnld ROMmon Command

Trying to Download a Software Image to Cisco 2800 series router through TFTP Using the tftpdnld ROMmon Commandand I am getting an Error , I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. I have also pasted my display down here can someone help me out, thanks...

joluoch by Beginner
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Cat:4510R slave-supervisor in unknown

Hi,I have replaced two new supervisors in Cat:4510R layer 3 switch. The problem is that, after few times, the slave supervisor is unknown showing in sh module command. Only one active supervisor is in working. After restarting or re-inserting the sla...

ASR1001 High Memory Usage - Healthy?

Hi,My SolarWinds NPM shows very high memory utization (up to 99%) on all ASR1001. CLI outpu belows confirms this:---------------sh platform software status control-processor brLoad Average Slot  Status  1-Min  5-Min 15-Min  RP0 Healthy   0.11   0.29 ...

Chuan Liu by Beginner
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Resolved! Access-list isn't working

I want that no packet leaves f0/0 (R2). These are my configurations: R1: !interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address!  R2: !interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip access-group 101 out!access-list 101 den...

rcpoemrvt by Beginner
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BGP route Selection for Outgoing Traffic

Hi,I am going to implement a multihome internet connection to two different ISP.  Before implementing in real network, I have prepared the same in GNS3 and testing.  Subnet 10.x.5.0/24 should take R1 to outside from LAN and 10.x.6.0/24 should take R2...

Cisco & Huawei QinQ interworking

Hello Everybody, I made have 3 different configuration scenarios. Please find below.Scen 1. STP works perfectly, PagP channel forms.Scen 2  STP works perfectly, PagP channel does not form.Scen 3 nothing works, both SW4 and SW3 think they are the Root...

wism management interface cannot reach

Hi all I am trying to understand how wism  management interface works  ( untagged ). There are interfaces which are connected to wism controller and i cannot see any vlan membership assigned to this port even default vlan .And in the wism controller ...

susim by Participant
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Does 4900M support unique MAC address per SVI

The switch is running 15.x Enterprise Services image.  I found a related article from the link below but it is old and does not include info on the 4900M switches.http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/switches/catalyst-6000-series-switches/41263-...

jdw28 by Beginner
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