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I just deployed several ISR 4351 routers using either IOS 154-3.S1 or 154-3.S2. Client SNMP server triggers alert for the router's free memory as show below (832) only. I am not sure if this is a problem or not because normally the router's free memo...

robin99 by Level 1
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Hi Cisco Community,  I'm posting you a very strange problem that I've been encountring these days, well I have some switchs configured correctly, the ping was OK, but some days ago, they lose connectivity, and I can't ping on them. After some time, t...

a.benhima by Level 1
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Does the C3750E support advanced layer 3 and OSPF? If not, is there a license upgrade and what is that part number. If already capable, how do you enable? Show ver:rpswch0100#sh verCisco IOS Software, C3750E Software (C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 1...

I have a customer who has engaged a third party to install OS2 single mode fibre across their campus, unfortunately the supplier has installed loops, within loops, in short the topology is a nightmare. There are two central data centres, but the vast...

Hi All My switch configuration are belowsw1:interface Vlan12 ip address standby 12 ip standby 12 priority 200 standby 12 preemptendsw2:interface Vlan12 ip address standby 12 ip stand...

susim by Level 3
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So, with all the changes on my network I seem to have forgotten all the basic information I have learned over time. I have my 3560 as the "core" switch/router running ospf. Everything works fine on the switch itself. But on port G0/21 is my ASA firew...

Resolved! 3560 Route Map

So, we are setting up a new ASA firewall, we currently have a Juniper firewall.What I am trying to do is map on our core switch (3560) that any traffic from our mail server (inside) gets forwarded to the Juniper and all other traffic goes out the ASA...

I'm replacing my EOL Cisco 2811 router and from what I can tell the preferred replacement is the 2911.  I need it to have a serial interface, so my question is what module will work with the 2911 to give me a serial interface?

Hello All - It is a conceptual question for which i need your help to understand the significance of the Primary & Secondary Role defined in Nexus VPCI learned VPC makes both the switches active (Dataplane) by LACP Etherchannel formed between the con...

Hello,I am trying to enable netflow on our new Nexus 9k switches. But can't find nothing. No feature which can be enabled.Is it not supported ( yet ) ? Or am i doing something wrong ? thnx  Software  BIOS: version 07.17  NXOS: version 6.1(2)I3(3)  BI...