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Hello everyone, I would need some help understanding an phrase writen in a Cisco manual about UDLD:"UDLD supports two modes of operation: normal (the default) and aggressive. In normal mode, UDLD can detect unidirectional links due to misconnected po...

Hello,We have create a LACP of two ports. These are the instructions to created:  switch# conf t switch(config)# interface ethernet 1/5 switch(config-if)# channel-group 2 mode active switch(config-if)#exit switch# conf t switch(config)# interface et...

inakiss by Level 1
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Hi,Is it normal to have so much drop no adjacency when i do a show ip traffic on a Catalyst 9300?I tried a debug ip cef, but it doesn't show me anything.IP statistics: Rcvd: 7788 total, 126714 local destination 0 format errors, 0 checksum...

simc92 by Level 1
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I have 2 cisco 2950 switches lets name A and B. A is uplink switch of B. In switch B two client are connected in same VLAN. clinet1 mac address is learned in switch A but Client2 mac address is not learned in switch A. Mac table of switch is not full...

Hello,Would you have an idea of what could cause MAC flapping in a loopless topology (the wiring has been checked).A Cisco switch is connected to a router of another brand (our supplier's). There is a data vlan and a voice vlan, only the telephone ex...

simc92 by Level 1
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HiI am new to Cisco. I am an audio engineer. I am trying to get 2 trunk ports in the same switch. So when one cable fails, the other port automatically takes over the trunk duties. I have two switches. the 2 cables would go to the same switch.  How w...

I saw this topology in a network diagram somewhere and was wondering how this would work on a layer 2 level. Is this recommended? Would spanning tree automatically resolve it? I've had redundant links in real life scenarios but spanning tree would no...

hmc2500 by Level 1
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Having an issue getting AVB to work on the C9300-48UXM switch.  Specifically the PTP clock.Swapped out one of the "48UXM" models for a "48U" model and this works fine.  Problem is we still have 4 "48UXM" models that we need to get working with AVB.Wi...

LucidM by Level 1
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We are busy with a migration form C9396PX to C93180YC-FX3The system is critical, and downtime is not an option to do a fast swap out of the equipment, so I need to do the migration gradually. Moving one SVI at a time as per picture below.I have creat...

Core Migration.jpg