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HI,  I powered on my 3550 switch and all the switchports lights yellow the sys light is yellow also the rps light is yellow the other lights are green but the switch wont work or show any messages on the console I opened it and everything seem fine i...

Resolved! Cisco 2960 - EEM

Quick question.  Does our Cisco Catlayst 2960 (WS-C2960-48PST-l) support EEM (Embedded Event Manager)? Currently running code 12.2(55)SE1.MySwitch(config)#event ?% Unrecognized commandSW Image is C2960-LANBASEK9-MThanks,Mike 

When I transfer IOS from  the desktop to a 3750 X switcch via the console at 115200 speed, the number of retries keeps on increasing and the md5 value dos not match the real md5 vlaue. Please tell me how can I mitigate this error and the root cause f...

Hi all,I need to create a vPC between two Nexus 3048 and HP Procurve 3400. I've create the link aggregation HP-side and Nexus side like HP Procurve and Cisco switches Interoperability documentation, but seems that only one link work at all. The secon...

Hello, I have configured two switches with loopback interfaces (both on same subnet). The two switches are connected with a trunk. Why can I not ping between these two switches (loopback addresses). Are loopback interfaces on switches not supposed to...

fran19422 by Level 1
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Hi AllAre you aware of any compatibility issues with ASR 9001 and GLC-SX-MMD ? The compatibility matrix does show that this SFP is supported..The issue is - we have a multimode fiber which is getting terminated on the ASR 9001. The physical link come...

     I'm trying to get my head around how to replace a supervisor module on a nexus 7000 with a single supervisor.  The setup has the default vdc and one other defined.  So if a sup  was faulty  what is the best way to handle this? I have the default...

glen.grant by VIP Alumni
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Resolved! HSRP not working

Hi Everyone,Router1(7200VXR) = IOS (tm) 7200 Software (C7200-JK9S-M), Version 12.2(13)T5,  RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Router2(3800) running 15.1 IOS I have already 2 HSRP Group and working configurations, but when I added this 3rd HSRP Group, it's not tur...

I ran into an issue with the following commands wanting to apply port-security:switchport port-security maximum 2switchport port-security maximum 1 vlan accessswitchport port-security maximum 1 vlan voiceI want to have a setup where I allow 1 PC and ...

Hi Everyone,We have a Cisco 3825 Router and a NME-16ES-1G-P. We would like to use the switch to attach devices that have IPs in our public IP blocks that are on the router interfaces.I have configured the switch module with a basic configuration. Thi...

iPhrankey by Level 1
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I have configured a 2911 with one serial interface card and 2 hwic-4esw cards.  I configured 2 vlans on the router.  the serial card is in slot 0, and the 2 esw's are in slot 1 and 2.  the 4esw in slot 1 works fine.  I can communicate across both vla...

robpeay by Level 1
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