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Resolved! Ping Issue.

   I have an issue pinging from one host to another using Cisco 2600 routers.   I can ping from a host throught router A across the t1 to router B's e0/0 port and then the ping stops. This happens going both ways.  Attached below is one runnning conf...

hello, we are using a 3560 switch and the cpu utilization is constantly showing 88 %.This switch is doing routing and leased lines are connected to service providers.Is there any trouble shooting steps that can be done?thanksVIvk

We have a DC network comprising 2 x VSS clusters and 2 x Nexus 5020 VPC pairs.The 5020 switches do not have "peer-switch" defined (i.e is seen as individual STP bridges).To simplify and to make the solution more robust we are planning to configure "p...

jorgensor by Level 1
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Hi all,I have a problem with a connection to the server, under normal conditions ping from the PC monitor to the server normally. but sometimes there is a failure that resulted in the PC unable to connect to the server.If I do change the IP address o...

Hi All,I am trying to configure static mac-address entry for Microsoft NLB multicast mac address into Cisco 6500 (SUP 2T) but it is not accepting the command and giving following message,"IP-based forwarding is enabled, can't accept group DMAC config...

rmujeeb81 by Level 1
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Hello gentlemen,  I have a problem in my topology, one at a time about if there is no traffic on the vlan, router R2 fails to ping the ip of the remote end svi, issu cause disorders seen everything so normalizes after I ping from (Vlan10)-R1 to ip in...

All, I have a customer with a L2 network with multiple VLANS and consisting of multiple access switches with two L2/L3 core switches.  Both core switches have a SVI for each vlan using HSRP to provde redundant Default Gateways.The main core switch is...

sjohns by Level 1
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Hi All,I have installed 2 Core Switches and 9 Access Switches (4960-X,3560-X and 2960-X) in our organisation. Now we are looking for a Monitoring tool.To monitor the Traffic status, Link status, Quarterly Health Check, etc. for all the switches on a ...

Hi everyone. I've come upon a strange behavior when attempting to login to my NX-OS based switches. I'm using putty over a serial connection. Any time I attempt to type an @ character, which is used in my password, everything preceding it is deleted....

fgrove001 by Level 1
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