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Hi Everyone,I have an issue with Netflow lite when testing it on a 2960X.It seems that no flows are send to my collector.Below the relevant config and som show outputs.Can someone see what I did wrong or guid me to find a solution?Thanks!flow record ...

guy tec by Level 1
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A Catalyst 3850-24P runs IOS-XE 3.2.2SE is reporting what seems like excessively high rates of CPU utilitization.There is no debugging enabled at this time.The busiest process seems to be 'fed'k390-cal-r-4a-0#show proc cpu sorted Core 0: CPU utilizat...

Greetings-My company purchased a SPA-2X1GE-V2 card to be used on our 7606 router.  The 7606 has a '2 port adapter Enhanced FlexWAN' module (WS-X6582-2PA).  I tried installing the card into the module and it doesn't seem to fit.  I take it that these ...

Kim Hoang by Level 1
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Hello,I am trying to setup a rate limit on fex ports (modl is N2K-C2248TP-1GE ) of a 5548UP (non L3)  -  Software version is : version 6.0(2)N2(2)I have tried the following setup without success  :ip access-list ACL_CUST  10 permit ip

Hi,I have a customer who is having 3750X Switch with IP Base Image.They are planning to add a new switch and these two switches will be stacked.Could you please recommend a cost effective switch that can be stacked with existing 3750X Switch(IP Base ...

while configuring GRE on 6509 we are not able to enter below command on the interface can you please advise on 6509 image 15.1                    6509(config-if)# ip mtu 14006509(config-if)# ip tcp adjust-mss 1360thanks for help

Hi All,I am fresh experience on using Layer 3 switch. Would anyone can teach me how to deploy HSRP with my situtation on below?1. My layer 3 switch is Cisco Catalyst 3560v2 Series.2. I have one subnet on remote site, I have two router ...

Resolved! Weird Question

If the configuration between two sites is like below, how can i tell the routes to the routers?Please don't mind if it is silly or i'm missing some basics.Regards,Chandu

I'm a bit confused about this honestly. I have a client who has 120+ hosts/users on their network.I thought that the 800 series would suffice since they don't really require other network services.They just want a internet router that won't die down ...

Resolved! Issues with ARP

Hi All,I know that if a host doesn't have the MAC address of the another device in the same segment, then it will broadcast an ARP request with a layer2 broadcast address.. so this frame will be seen by all other devices in the same LAN.. and i read ...