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Static Routing with C2960G Switch Issues

ScenarioTwo Cisco C2960G Switches connected with each other using an EtherChannel Trunk Ports.IOS Image has been upgraded to c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin.The global command "sdm prefer lanbase-routing" has been executed to set the default templa...

Bandwidth Splitting on a 3750

HiI would like to connect to a 1Gb routed uplink, and then impose bandwidth limits (via shaping/policing/whatever) on a per port basis.  The ports could either be configured to route, or as switchports on separate VLANS.  I'm trying to identify hardw...

Intervlan routing and NAT

hi i am trying to have the vlans communicate with each other using router on a stick , i have attached the packet tracer file for the same .i have configured subinterfaces on the router and still the vlans are not able to communicate with each other ...

SG500X Routing to another Gateway

I have (minimal test configuration):1. Internet Gateway (pfSense) with, on gigabitethernet1/1/22. SG500X52 in L3 mode, IP, config)config-file-headerswitch8edbb1v1.3.0.59 / R750_NIK_1_3_647_260CLI ...

3560 TX-queue buffer-sizes

Hi,We're having some issues with a 3560 CPE. It's uplink is a GE fiber link, customer port is FE RJ45. We see a lot of TX-frames being dropped at the FE port, but none at the GE port. Even when the customer is only at ~50Mbit/s downstream traffic. Wh...

Resolved! 3750 Access list

I have implemented following configuration on my live setup. I am not facing any traffic related problems.But my only concern is that I can`t see any hit counts on below access list.Please find attachment for refernce diagram:Configuration on switch ...

patil.ajay by Beginner
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getting RTO while pinging 3750

HI alli am geting RTO while pinging my L3 switch 3750that happend after restarting switch,i have restarted it because i am not able to browse internet through URL,i am able to do it trough ip address ,so i restarted it not i am geting RTO Regards

madan by Beginner
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Resolved! Access-list (blocking ports)

Hi guys,I want to block ports 443, 5223, 3478. Anyone can help me if I'm doing the right thing? Below are the commands. Thanks.access-list 100 deny   tcp any any eq 443access-list 100 deny   udp any any eq 443access-list 100 deny   tcp any any eq 522...

Resolved! Inter-VLAN Internet Routing

Hi,I have a relatively straight forward question and was hoping to get some guidance or perhaps a solution.I currently have a 887VA-W sitting on VLAN ID 1 network for my core network, purely for internet routing.I am building a new server...

Resolved! VSS requirements cat6500

I know that it is possible to make virtual switch link (VSL) between WS-X6708-10G modules.Do supervisors have also to be 10G, or is it possible to make VSS with sup 720-3B and VSL between 10G line cards?